Cusi appeals to public: Magtulungan tayo

October 09, 2018

THE Department of Energy (DoE) is assuring each and every Filipino that we are not alone when it comes to bearing the brunt of petroleum products’ price increases -- and their corresponding repercussions -- the latest of which, if reports are correct, has brought to P15 the entire increase this year, by far.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi explains that the rise in petroleum prices is due to the current global situation where international political and economic factors are at play, citing among other things the following: US exit from the Iran nuclear deal was accompanied by its re-imposition of economic sanctions on Iran, including those related to oil; political and economic instability in Venezuela, which has the world’s largest proven oil reserves and is considered one of the largest oil exporters in the West and a lack of clear commitment from oil producing countries for an actual production increase to replace expected supply constraints.

Global oil prices, he said, also tend to go up in the winter months (October to March), as demand for heating is at its highest.

‘Your full cooperation is needed in facing the challenges ahead. Now more than ever, we are appealing for each and every one of us to adopt simple yet far-reaching changes in the energy choices we make, with efficiency at its core,’ he said in a statement to the public.

Using fuel wisely is one easy way for us to immediately cope with current fuel costs, so that the DoE launched a strengthened information campaign on fuel saving tips. These helpful suggestions and strategies on maximizing fuel efficiency would save us time and money and help our environment.

For example, planning one errand day for the entire family is a creative way which allows us to spend more time with our loved ones, while decreasing the number of trips we need to make.

‘A mindset on energy efficiency is key to living an energy efficient lifestyle. Helping bring down the overall energy demand of our country is hinged upon our energy habits. We already have the energy ability. Let us hone it by being smart about our energy choices may it be on fuel or power,’ Cusi said.

For instance, simple tasks such as turning off appliances that are not in use become second nature when done repeatedly. In addition, switching to LED lighting and inverter technology significantly reduces our power consumption, which means lower electricity bills.

In the meantime, the DoE also shares with the public some simple tips in fuel use. When buying petroleum products, ask around and look for the best quality, price and service; fill up when your gas tank is already half-full; buy gasoline during the coolest time of the day (early morning or evening); compare the price on the dispensing pump with the “Price Display Board” prominently displayed to ensure price match; make sure the pump dials are reset to zero before you allow the gas attendant to start dispensing gas; check to see that the price per liter remains the same throughout the pumping process; check your vehicle manual to ensure that the petroleum product being used is appropriate and always ask for and check the official receipt of the sold fuel products for this will serve as your proof of purchase in case problems would arise after the purchase.

When using petroleum products, Cusi advises the public to plan trips, including the number of passengers, route and traffic considerations; turn off all power-consuming accessories before turning off the ignition as this action will minimize engine load the next time you start up; avoid idling for more than 30 seconds; observe and maintain speed limit in order to anticipate stops and ensure safety; adjust your driving habits to changing road conditions (ex. rough and narrow roads); accelerate slowly on gravel or slippery roads; take advantage of rolling resistance rather than heavy braking to help slow you down as this deceleration technique is one of the best for fuel saving; avoid unnecessary steering wheel movement or swerving since each sideward movement of the tire causes fuel-consuming drag; avoid tailgating, for this reduces your chances for planning economic modes of driving and remember that revving up the engine just before turning off the ignition costs extra fuel and may cause engine damage.

To learn more about energy efficiency and fuel savings tips, Cusi is encouraging everyone to follow the DoE on Facebook and visit its official website

Let us heed Cusi’s call for cooperation. As the saying goes, ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’


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