Department of Energy issues Christmas energy saving tips

December 22, 2018

IN my last column, I enumerated a number of duping schemes being employed by syndicates specially during the holidays, with one thing in mind -- robbing you of your hard-earned money.

This time around, I am sharing with you ‘Christmas energy saving tips’ in connection with the holiday preparations and celebrations here and there, courtesy of the office of the Department of Energy (DoE) Secretary Alfonso ‘Al’ Cusi.

Top of the list is to give gifts that are ‘energy-efficient. Cusi said it is important to highly consider giving gifts that do not require the use of electricity or batteries.

If buying appliances as gifts, choose those with higher energy efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the item is. The less energy you use, the lower your electricity bill is and the more money you save.

Cusi says it is also wise to invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger in case you receive a present that requires the use of or need batteries.

Why? It’s because rechargeable batteries produce less waste. They are also more energy efficient given the costs and energy used in making new standard ones.

Next tip is for us to turn to energy-smart cooking and baking. Use your toaster or microwave for smaller tasks like melting or heating items. Reserve the oven for baking and maximize the energy used in heating it by cooking several dishes at once. When using a stove, cook food faster by keeping the lids on pots.

Cutting back on aircon use may also help us save since temperatures drop during the holiday season. Lessen the use of home airconditioning and consider using electric fans instead. Set the thermostat to 25 degrees for an energy-efficient and cool home.                                                                                                                     When going away for the holidays, Cusi says it is important to make sure that the main switch of the circuit breaker and all your appliances are switched off before leaving. Not only will you yield energy savings, but you also keep your home safe from fire.

Unplug phantom energy users/electronics, especially chargers, computers, TVs, DVD players, PlayStations and other gaming devices, as well as radios when going on vacation. These items utilize energy even when they remain turned off.

Cusi likewise advised motorists to ensure car maintenance specially when you are driving away from and back home for Christmas.

‘Maximize fuel efficiency by correctly inflating your tires. Try to avoid the ‘carmageddon’ by leaving right before the expected holiday rush,’ he said.

These tips, Cusi hopes, will bring benefits to power consumers this holiday season. We do too. Have a safe Merry Christmas in advance, dear readers!!!

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