Digong and Sara endorse Imee; DepEd order timely

February 19, 2019

There is no doubt that given his continued approval ratings, huge following and popularity, the endorsement of President Rodrigo Duterte would be a big boost to candidates in the coming polls, no matter what his critics say about him. 

Amid the seemingly well-orchestrated black propaganda against her, the fact that Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos happens to be among the lucky ones who have been personally endorsed by President Duterte is very timely.

She too, is among the handful of senatorial candidates who have been commonly endorsed by the  President who chairs the ruling PDP-Laban party and the party formed by his daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. 

Imee’s supporters say they are well aware that the smear campaign against her is the handiwork of the so-called ‘yellow army (read: ‘dilawan’)’ and those from the leftist organizations whose main preoccupation is to hit everyone and anyone who sits in government. 

According to them, it is notable that the black propaganda operations against Imee heightened shortly before and even more when the campaign period for the senatorial candidates kicked off last February 12.

Not only did the attacks became more frequent specially on social media – of course we know that these are via fake accounts- they became more personal and more hurtful though baseless.

Probably for the fact that she is used to brickbats given her exposure to the dirty side of politics, Imee is taking everything with a grain of salt, not allowing anything to derail her campaign and knowing that the support of the public remains on her side.

Indeed, based on surveys not commissioned by her, Imee is already assured of  a Senate seat in the 18th Congress. This was before President Duterte personally chose her to be among his 11 best bets for the senatorial race. Sara’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago also endorses her for the May13 midterm elections.

In the latest survey of Pulse Asia, she again made it to the co-called ‘Magic 12’.  Imee is one of five female senatorial candidates leading in all surveys.

Imee is hopeful not only for herself. She wants women to have more representation both in Congress and in the Senate to make sure that more laws which redound to the benefit of women are created.

With the double endorsement she enjoys from President Durtete and Sara, in addition to her soaring ratings, Imee, who remains as a key figure in the still influential family of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, is clearly headed for a win.


There is an issuance coming from the Department of Education Central Office stating that ‘graduation ceremonies or any activity that will fall by March, which is the coverage already of the election period, should not involve any politician, especially those who are candidates for the coming elections.’

This is a highly commendable move on the part of DepEd, since we are all aware how thick-faced some politicians can get.  They will surely use graduation  or commencement rites as a platform to promote themselves and make false claims of accomplishments and empty promises  just to woo the votes of the students and parents present.

Of course, there is also the equally shameless school officials who would willingly offer the occasion to any politician –for a hefty price obviously – unmindful of the fact that it would be in bad taste and highly improper.

Normally, commencement rites and graduation ceremonies fall in the months of March and April, which is  the height of the campaign period for the May 2019 polls both for local and national candidates, so the DepEd order is very timely.

School administrators are also warned against soliciting contributions from candidates or political organizations as it may tantamount to electioneering. It has happened before and the social media was flooded with posts of kids getting medals with the face or name of a politician imprinted on the box and the medal itself, it makes you wanna puke.

I hope the DepEd will seriously implement this order and effect harsh punishment for those who will violate it. Voters on the other hand should junk such candidates who will exploit an occasion which is supposedly a ‘moment’ for the graduates and their parents to savor.


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Jokjok (from Raymond  Dionisio of Cainta, Rizal)— PEDRO: Anong tinapay ang gilid lang ang kinakain?/JUAN: Ano?/PEDRO: Eh di donut! Sige nga, subukan mong kainin ang gitna nun?!?


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