DoE’s Cusi appeals to traders’ conscience

September 23, 2018

AS the Department of Energy is working on the safe and immediate restoration of power and damaged energy facilities in areas hit by Typhoon Ompong, its head, Secretary Alfonso Cusi, is asking for everybody’s cooperation.   

The National Power Corporation, National Electrification Administration, National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, distribution utilities such as MERALCO and electric cooperatives, and other members of the energy industry have been working hand in hand, 24/7 in monitoring and restoring energy facilities  and power lines as the typhoon left the Philippine area of responsibility.

As weather forecasters have said that the country may experience more typhoons before the yearend, Cusi is appealing to the public to observe energy safety precautions to protect themselves against life-threatening hazards.

Some of the energy safety tips to keep families safe after a storm are as follows: Use extreme caution when entering any flooded area. Floodwaters may be electrically charged by downed power lines. Don’t go into a flood-damaged area until a licensed electrician has removed the electrical meter from its socket.

Have an electrician check household electrical system and appliances. Electrical equipment exposed to water can be extremely dangerous if re-energized without proper reconditioning or replacement.

Report broken utility lines. Let appropriate agencies/authorities inspect broken utility lines such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.

Return home safely. Watch out and stay away from downed power lines, trees and washed out roads.

Get necessary medical care and get rid of contaminated flood waters as it may cause infection. Boil and/or distill drinking water before using.

Lastly, he called on the public to always stay alert and be updated on current weather news.

Still in relation to ‘Ompong’, it is good that Cusi had called on oil companies to suspend this week’s implementation of oil price adjustments in areas declared under a State of Calamity (SOC). The areas placed under a SOC are Mayoyao, Ifugao; Cagayan, Abra, Benguet, Ka-linga, Ilocos Norte and Isabela.

In doing so, he stressed that now more than ever, we must put into concrete action the spirit of bayanihan which we Filipinos are known for, as he emphasized the urgency of extending all forms of assistance in the aftermath of the typhoon.

The appeal, Cusi said, is for these oil companies’ social and moral responsibilities on withholding the implementation of oil price adjustments in the calamity-stricken areas.

They were also reminded of the price freeze for household liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and kerosene products, particularly in said areas which is valid for 15 days upon the announcement of an SOC.

So far, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. has confirmed that in addition to the price freeze (covering kerosene and household LPG), there will be no price movement for gasoline and automotive diesel oil products in their retail outlets located in SOC areas.

The DoE remains optimistic that other industry players will follow suit. Conscience, hello???


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