Don’t be an FB victim

February 06, 2020

These days, parents should really constantly guide and take a much closer look at what their kids are doing, specially when it comes to social media.

From time to time, I would encounter complaints of young women —sometimes even minors— falling prey to sex-starved men who take advantage of the gullibility of their victims.

The story surrounding each complaint is one and the same. The victim is befriended by the suspect via chat, followed by courtship and then a meetup which ends either in rape or blackmail or even both.

One victim was even gang-graped by boys her age, after she agreed to go with them for a drinking session in a private home.

Nothing however, beats the recent story of rape where the suspect happens to be a former seaman 45 years of age.

Operatives from the Manila Police District-Special Mayors Reaction Team (SMART, headed by Maj. Jhun Ibay,  nabbed the suspect after his help was sought by the parents of some of the victims.

So far, 11 girls aged 12 to 16 with whom the suspect reportedly had a meetup in Sampaloc, Manila, have surfaced to file a formal complaint. The subject of complaint was identified as Francisco Zorillo, 45, of 943-B Maceda St., Sampaloc, Manila.

According to Ibay, the suspect was slated to meet up with yet another victim when he and his men closed in on him.  He was arrested while inside his vehicle at the corner of C.M. Recto and Nicanor Reyes Street in Sampaloc.

Curiously, the suspect, when frisked, was found to be in possession of a hand grenade, three cellular phones, a condom, petroleum jelly, P3,100 cash money, three identification cards, two pre-paid sim cards and two bottles of  liquor.

Based on the accounts given by the kids, the suspect’s modus operandi would consist of first looking for prospective victims via Facebook.  When the prospective victim becomes interested, the suspect would befriend her.

Once they have become friends and begin sharing more personal information, the suspect would arrange for a meet-up during which the victim would be treated to a fastfood.

In the course of the conversation, the suspect would entice the victim with money to go with him to a motel. There, the suspect would then molest the victims by first ‘testing’ the girls’private part with his finger before finally having sex with them. Before parting ways, the suspect would give the victim P1,000.

The suspect even tried to resist arrest but was prevailed upon by the arresting policemen.

Stories of girls and women ending up being raped is nothing new. In some incidents, the suspect would take pictures of the actual rape or of the victim’s nakedness.

As a result, the suspect is now armed with a weapon for blackmail, so that some  of the victims, under threat that their pictures would be circulated on social media, end up endlessly paying up the suspect who raped or molested her, all in exchange for not exposing her to shame.

Thus, the victims become victims all over again. Worse, people never learn, considering the countless stories with the same kind of details, from beginning to end.

The lesson in these kinds of lamentable incidents is simple. Don’t talk to strangers. So basic.


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Jokjok (from Rafael Gadon of Valenzuela City)— Employee: Boss pwede ba ako nalang ang papalit dun sa pwesto ng manager natin na kamamatay lang?/ Boss: Okay lang sa akin na ikaw ang pumalit sa kanya, ewan ko lang kung papayag ang punerarya.


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