Don’t date strangers

RESIDENTS of Quezon City recently gained more access to internet. Rep. Winston ‘Winnie’ Castelo yesterday led the launching of the ‘Free Wifi Zone” in Don Antonio, Barangay Commonwealth.

A project of Castelo, the free wifi zone aims to provide more citizens of the barangay access to internet.

“Internet plays a crucial role to the lives of many Filipinos today. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to it. This project partly answers to that need,” Castelo, who is finishing his term at the House of Representative and running for a seat in the city council to represent district 2 said.

With Castelo during the roll out ceremony were leading mayoralty candidate Joy Belmonte and top congressional bet Precious Hipolito Castelo.

Meanwhile, Airlight Technology Solutions Inc., the project’s service provider, was introduced during the event. Airlight Technology  provides strategic business and technical guidance from network deployment broadband services to content distribution.

“The company is backed by a team of technical and business experts with substantial  years of operational experience,” Castelo said. “It is headed by Leo San Miguel, a pioneering technology person with extensive experience in Cable TV telecommunications. Media contents and OTT business,” he added.

Meanwhile, our women abroad were recently warned against the perils of online dating sites.

Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III said, “there is a dark side to chat and dating sites. The ugly truth is that human traffickers as well as sexual predators also prowl these sites to stalk potential victims.”

“They deceptively use bogus profiles to start and cultivate relationships, with the intent of eventually entrapping would-be victims,” Bertiz said. “It is not unusual for these monsters to lure targets with promises of a better life, including higher-paying job prospects,” he added.

Bertiz made the statement after a 35-year-old Army captain in Cyprus confessed to killing seven women and young girls, including three Filipinos, in a Mediterranean island-country. The police in Cyprus said the confessed serial killer, now in custody, used a popular online dating site to catch his victims.

“Our hearts go out to the families of the victims, and our thoughts and prayers are with them,” Bertiz said.

Bertiz acknowledged that online dating sites have become increasingly popular among overseas Filipinos with the advent of mobile phone applications. “It can be lonely when you are working and living in a foreign country, away from your family and friends,” Bertiz, himself a former overseas worker, said.

The three Filipinos believed to be among the victims in the Cyprus serial killing case have been identified as Mary Rose Tiburcio, 38; Arian Palanas Lozano, 28; and Maricar Valdez Arquiola.

All three were previously reported as missing in Cyprus, where they were employed as household service staff earning 400 Euros (P23,000) monthly. Their bodies were recovered from an abandoned mine site that has turned into a lake some 20 miles from Nicosia, the national capital.

It is also believed that among the victims was Sierra Graze Seucalliuc, Tiburcio’s six-year-old child with her former Romanian boyfriend.

The authorities in Cyprus said the suspect’s other victims were a 36-year-old Romanian mother and her 8-year-old daughter, and a woman of Nepalese or Indian descent whose body was retrieved from a military firing range.

A group of German tourists accidentally stumbled upon Tiburcio’s body on April 14, breaking the serial killing case wide open. In Lozano’s case, the suspect admitted to the police that he choked the victim to death while having sex with her. The suspect also said during police interrogation that he had a thing for Filipino women.

We are told not to talk to strangers. Why even date them?

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