January 26, 2019

Why are there so many pedestrians using earphones? How do they focus while walking? Sometimes, I even see drivers with earphones. Unless we are good at multi-tasking, when we lack focus on what we are doing at the moment, our attention span short and may even cause danger to health. Look at the people crossing the streets or walking in sidewalks.

See how many are using earphones. Are they even paying attention when they cross the street or when they go up and down escalators or stairs? There was a time, just more than ten years ago, when you see pedestrians watching where they are walking or watching out who are the people around them. Inside buses, mostly all the passengers are using earphones.

And many are asleep. With the proliferation of P2P buses, there are more commuters using this mode of transportation as it is faster and more economical in the long run. The message I want to impart in this column is that with all technologies bombarding us today, our attention is more challenged and we really need to prioritize for the sake of our health what we want to focus on. If we are walking in sidewalks, should we use our earphones?

How can we concentrate where we are walking and the situation around when we are listening to music or audio tips or whatever?

Look at the people using earphones. Some of them are even singing along or even slightly dancing to the tune that they are hearing. What concerns me most with people using earphone is when they are at intersections and when they cross the street. How safe is it when they are not paying attention to the comings and goings of vehicles, especially in busy street corners?

And for those drivers using their bluetooth while driving, how sure are they that they are driving with their full attention? With these technologies come responsibilities to one’s safety and even health.

We are not supermen or superwomen that can do two or three things at the same time. Sure, we see many of our millennials doing several things at the same time or multi-tasking, but what about the quality of their work and what about the need to focus while driving or walking? And are they even aware of the presence of snatchers?

I would limit the use of earphones inside homes or buildings but not outside in the streets or while driving. You can also use earphones if you are a passenger. Just be careful and be vigilant at all times.