With Easter, a New Year

April 22, 2019

The most important feastday observed by the Christian world is Christ’s Resurrection from the dead, celebrated on Easter Sunday.

Let me recall that last year’s Easter Sunday, that fell on April 1, 2018 was the worst thing I experienced together with my siblings here in our compound in Quezon City.  It was the day we were barricaded, gates connecting us to our parents’ ancestral home inside the compound were welded and barricaded with high steel sheets.  That Easter Sunday was a very sad day for me and my siblings.  It seemed like the continuation of Good Friday’s dying on the cross.

We were so saddened on that day instead of being happy for Christ has risen from the dead.

It was the day of the take-over of our property, demolition of our ancestral home that we had lost ownership of the property since 2014 to our big, regrettable surprise.

Kung bitin po itong column ko, mayroong rason po.  Sumusunod po ako sa policy nitong peryodiko.

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, two days ago was the first anniversary of seeing our parents’ ancestral home demolition shortly after.  But that Easter Sunday last year, April 1, 2018 was the take-over of the property.  It was like the day Pontius Pilate condemned our Lord, Jesus Christ to death.

But friends as far as the United States who learned about the tragedy that had befallen my family called me and said: “Somebody pulled an April Fools Day on you and your siblings.”

At first, I really had not associated April 1 when it happened as “April Fools Day” for our minds were all focused on the Risen Christ that Easter Sunday a year ago – a year we will never forget losing our happy memories of our parents.

We invoke the help of the Risen Christ which saved humankind by His death and rising from the dead.

Last Sunday was a very quiet day and night for me.  After an evening mass, I stayed all night watching the EWTN Channel present the Good Friday ceremony with the Holy Father, the Pope in the Vatican; and the ceremonies of Easter Sunday in the Basilica of the Immaculate Virgin Mary in Washington, D.C.


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