Employment situation

December 21, 2018

ALTHOUGH the multi-billion-dollar manpower export industry remains a major pillar of the Philippine economy, the government continues to create more quality local jobs.

In fact, more and more quarters, including former migrant workers, now want concerned state offices and agencies to review the country’s highly-successful overseas employment program.

Knowing full well the various problems confronting the industry, they want the government to stop depending on foreign countries to meet the employment needs of our jobless countrymen.

The problems include illegal recruitment and the continued presence of abusive, cruel and other heartless foreign employers, forcing many migrant Pinoy workers to seek shelter in our embassies.

Today, many sectors want the government, through concerned offices, to generate more high-paying local jobs, particularly in the countryside, where the poorest of the poor live.

And that’s what President Duterte has been doing since he assumed the top political post of the land at 12 noon on June 30, 2016, creating additional jobs not only in the metropolis but elsewhere.

Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre “Bebot” Bello III said the Duterte administration’s “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program continues to “help us sustain the rise in employment.”

A labor force survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed that 826,000 jobs were generated in 2018, employing a total of 41.160 million workers.

The figure represented an increase of two percent compared with the 2017 figure of 40.334 million hired employees.

Admittedly, the reform-oriented government of President Duterte is doing a great job in meeting the mushrooming employment needs of the burgeoning Philippine population.