March 16, 2020

No wealth in the world is worth seeking. It has been proven time and again that sometime, somehow a great equalizer comes about and no wealth in the world can fight it. At times it can, after it has killed and done so much harm.

Ask yourselves, is it all worth it to indulge in greed of money and power which go together – hand in hand?

There are ambitious people who maintain that wealth gives power; and power assures wealth – or vice versa. But it has been proven time and again that wealth cannot assure what is in store in the future. No wealth in the world is worth seeking for “what goes up must come down.” It’s not only because of the law on gravity, but because God does not sleep. He knows who are corrupt and dishonest; and who does wrong to a family and to the people in general.

A powerful message is upon us. The Coronavirus/Covid-19 has a humbling effect more than the virus can ever harm. It tells the world: “Isang virus lang kayo;” and that’s exactly what is happening to us now. Read the chapter on “Revelation” in the Holy Bible.

Now that we are on “self-quarantine,” allow me to make mention of how some survived the great plague in Europe in the early 1900s. So many lost their lives. But a family lived to tell the story. The virus did not do harm to him and his family. They, too, were quarantined and told to stay home to avoid catching the virus. But people continued to die, except a farmer and his family. They remained safe inside their cottage and were not harmed. The farmer protected the family by using his instincts. He knew as it is known today that onion has the potency to absorb viruses inside the house. For this reason, we know (and maybe some don’t) that once chopped onions are exposed in an eatery or in parties, it cannot be exposed too long for all the impurities around including viruses around the area will all be absorbed by the chopped onions prepared for mixing with chili con carne, burgers and other dishes for it enhances the taste of the meal with raw onions.

From experiences in the past, it has been said many times that God has given us natural “medicines” for whatever infection and viruses we may suffer from.

It won’t harm. On the contrary it can do good like what some people did who survived the great plague. It is said that onions were sliced on the two sides, put in a dish and placed in strategic places inside the house. It works. I’ve tried it many times against viruses that we have had. Just placed the halved onions inside your homes. Even one onion sliced on both sides to enable it to absorb the virus inside your bedrooms, sala, kitchen… everywhere inside the house. A day or two, the onions must be replaced by newly opened one and the old thrown away.

Onions truly sanitizes the homes and keep them free from viruses. It might be important to do it in these times infected with Coronavirus, especially while we are quarantined inside our respective homes to keep us safe; and alive. Otherwise; you might infect each other inside the house on quarantine.

Too simple? For the doubting Thomases please don’t follow what I am telling you. Go to another planet for all I care. Pero ‘yong hindi pilosopo, try it. It really works; and it has saved many lives in the great plague in Europe over a century ago. Not all pharmaceutical products can be depended on. Natural and organic cure are God given and oftentimes work better.

Those with suicidal tendencies, please disregard.

But remember, what we are going through now as we have gone through several times before, do not fail to read the message that you cannot have it your way all the time. Renounce greed and ambition at isang virus lang kayo. All things on earth ends. Nothing is permanent. To those born to be bad and ambitious, just go ahead. Have fun at nasa huli naman ang pagsisisi, ika nga.

To those still with wisdom and conscience left, while there is time to right a wrong, do it; or the Great Equalizer will surely come your way and take over.

And by the way, the “scarcity” of masks we have to use came about from doctors who go on TV and radio announcing that masks can only be used once. In other words, isang beses lang pwedeng gamitin. Sa aking pananaw, hindi ‘yan totoo. May gustong kumita dito.

Simple lang ang nais kong ipaabot sa inyo: Huwag ninyong itapon ‘yong mask na binibili ninyo. Pwede ninyong gamitin ‘yan ng gamitin. How? In the evening when you get home, spray alcohol on the mask. It will dry right after. “Spray” with a sprayer. Hindi ko sinasabi na buhusan ninyo ng alcohol.

Itong sinasabi na “only use once” and throw away does not make sense. Ano? Araw-araw tayong bibili? Kaya nagka-scarcity. Wala ngang mabili. Some people are out to make money by hoarding – as usual.

Aside from disinfecting the ordinary masks with alcohol after use, pwede rin ibilad sa araw. Pati nga tao pwede magbilad sa araw para patayin at hindi kumapit ang Covid-19 or Coronavirus. ‘Yong mask pa?

Simula ngayon, huwag ninyong itapon ‘yang mask na nabibili sa parmasia. ‘Yong gawa sa tela, nalalabhan. ‘Yong ordinary nadidis-infect by spraying alcohol o ibilad sa araw ng mga isang oras to be safe.

In these times of scarcity, we have to use our heads or be misled by profiteers out to make a killing on a people already suffering.

Next, may gamot na sa Coronavirus dito sa ating bansa. ‘Yong ginagamit sa Russia. Kaya hindi tinamaan ng Covid-19 ang Russian Federation. We have the same medicines in the country since 2007. Ginamit naman ito sa PCSO kontra Dengue. Abangan!

Read the “Revelation” in the Bible and see what is truly in store for us here on earth.  

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