Erring government execs

February 13, 2019

WITH just more than three years left in the six-year administration of President Duterte, Malacañang has ordered government agencies to ensure the timely completion of infrastructure projects.

In issuing the order, through a memorandum-circular, Malacañang warned concerned government officials that neglect of duty and inefficiency can be a ground for disciplinary action.

Under Memorandum-Circular 57, all concerned officials and employees shall strictly observe the laws, issuances and policies pertaining to timely completion of government infrastructure projects.

Under the memorandum-circular, signed by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea on February 7, the policies include the imposition of appropriate sanctions for violations committed.

Malacañang also told concerned government officials to ensure that measures to mitigate inconvenience to the public during the implementation of said infrastructure projects are in place.

Everybody agrees that monumental traffic jams, particularly during the so-called rush hours, usually occur in and around areas where roads and bridges are being constructed or repaired.

In many low-lying areas, they also go under knee-deep murky floodwaters during a brief but heavy downpour, inconveniencing and drawing the ire of residents, commuters and motorists.

Malacañang said unfinished infrastructure projects “cause great inconvenience and serious damage to the prejudice of the general public, and adversely affect the delivery of basic services.”

It will be recalled that last June 2018, Duterte lamented that infrastructure projects in the provinces, where there’s widespread poverty, were barely progressing unlike in the metropolis.

The government needs to hasten the completion of infrastructure projects in the countryside if we are to address the problems of hunger, poverty and unemployment in the Philippines.