Is everybody happy?

October 23, 2018

DO you know why there’s a lot of rumblings at the Burreau of Customs lately? It’s because the commissioners appointed by President Duterte don’t know how to keep the mouths of their critics shut.

This was whispered to this corner by a source who was part of an administration before. He could only shake his head over the seemingly endless dispute between the BoC leadership and the people under it.

In fairness, there is some truth to what my source is saying because all of the guys who headed the BoC under Duterter’s term appear to be always vulnerable to ‘attacks’,  always suggesting they are linked to smuggling or illegal drugs.

My source was quick to admit that previous BoC commissioners were not ‘holy’ but they sure know how to ‘make everybody happy’.

* * *

One must have done so much for Duterte that the highest leader of the land even accompanied him to file his certificate of candidacy as senator. Only senatorial candidate Bong Go had that privilege and some, maybe out of envy or curiousity, questioned it.

We don’t know what Go had done to earn the Chief Executive’s support and respect. But in his many anecdotes, Duterte revealed that Go helped him run and manage Davao then and from that ‘friendship’ was developed.

There is doubt about the role of Go in Duterte’s government. His title -- Special Assistant to the President or SAP -- says it all. What we want to know now is how far can their  friendship go or how really special the SAP is when he starts getting the bad side of politics.

When Go’s political enemies start unraveling his deepest and probably darkest  secrets during the campaign, will Duterte still back his special friend even if the latter starts to become a liability for his presidency?

As they say, there’s no permanent friendship in politics.

* * *

Banco De Oro is helping teachers and students all over the country cope with the rising prices of goods through a program designed to make them discover ways how to save and manage their funds.

Through its foundation, the bank has partnered with the Department of Education and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to implement the financial inclusion program among all members of public schools in the country, meaning even non-teaching personnel are covered.

The program involves the production of very meaningful and easy to understand video presentations that discuss fund management and their distribution to schools for the use of the beneficiaries.

What makes the program laudable is that it was able to pinpoint the best place to promote financial inclusion -- the school where young minds are craving for learning and mentors, though also  victims of the impact of inflation, are more than willing to be taught and share new knowledge.

Good thinking, BDO.

* * *

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