Ex-officials and celebs in Manila must emulate Mayor Lim, Cesar Montano

OF all the former city officials and showbiz personalities living in Manila at the moment, it seems that only ex-Mayor Alfredo S. Lim and his godson, actor Cesar Montano, showed genuine concern for their fellow residents and without much fanfare at that.

Their gesture and show of support for his governance was welcomed and highly appreciated by Mayor Isko Moreno himself as he announced in his live public address that the two have given huge donations to help the city government feed its 1.8 million residents amid the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Lim, who led the city for six terms or a total of 18 years apart from serving the then Western Police Force for 38 years even heading it as a major general, had lived in Tondo during his younger years as a cop and he had kept his ancestral home on Sgt. Mabagos Street although he now lives in a smaller, condominium building in Malate.

His godson Montano, on the other hand, remains a true-blue Manilenyo, having been born and resided in the sixth district of Sta. Ana.

Lim donated a total of .5 million in all while Montano’s donation consisted of a truckload of rice ---500 sacks in all—which is worth over P1 million.  Montano said he was helped by Robert Gaza of Digama Waste Management Corporation.

I know a lot of rich ex-city officials and even richer showbiz personalities residing in Manila who I’m sure can afford a lot more than what Lim and Montano had donated,  but I won’t name them.

Instead, some artists merely engage in offering songs or words of encouragement which is already being done by countless others and which, in reality, cannot feed the hungry. 

In the case of politicians or ex-officials who once served the city, they seemed to have mastered the art of ‘deadmatology,’

We can only wish that if these people do not want to donate anything that would be taken out of their own pockets, they can maybe at least help by tapping the support of their filthy rich friends and raise funds to help their less-privileged fellow Manila citizens.  Anyway, it is very safe to donate to the city government of Manila since everything is duly recorded –from P10 to P1 million--- be it in cash or in kind.  Mayor Kois announces the contributions given and by whom, as they come,  so everything is transparent and any donor would feel good, knowing that his donation will be put to good use.

This particular style adopted by Mayor Kois had greatly contributed in encouraging countless of donors to help since he assumed mayorship in June last year, including Lim and Montano, who both expressed their confidence in Moreno’s leadership and his desire to be truly of help to the needy Manilans, having been a product of poverty himself.  Mayor Kois says the city’s total population currently stands at 1.8 million and feeding them is truly a gargantuan task.

I know for a fact that Lim, even while he and Mayor Kois were on different sides of the political fence, had always wanted Kois to be the next mayor after him. Not only because he (Moreno) is truly a Manilenyo ---they are both from Tondo--- but moreso, because he knows that Mayor Kois grew up knowing how it is to be really poor, just like Lim himself.

Lim then said that only someone who is not an ‘outsider’, who actually knows the ins and outs of the city and the life that a poor Manilan leads, can render real service to the city and be genuinely concerned about it and its residents.

I also remember him saying: ‘Mahirap pag ang mamumuno sa Maynila ay hindi taga-Maynila, lumaking may yaya o donya ang nanay dahil hindi niya alam paano totoong tutulungan ang mahihirap.’ This he said while he and Mayor Kois were at odds.

By the way, Lim hurled this challenge when he gave his donation to the city government headed by Mayor Kois: ‘Yung mga nagsasabing para sila sa mahirap, ngayon ang panahon para patunayan ninyo.’

Whoever Lim is referring to, your guess is as good as mine.Heheh.


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