‘Exemptionist’ Department of Transportation

December 16, 2018

Equal application is a fundamental principle of law.

It has been etched on the legal bedrock to address the “Failure to treat equally all those who are arguably similarly situated…”

As this is held as a universal doctrine it should not take a legal luminary to explain what it means in plain-speak.

The way PedXing understands it, the term means not differentiating or discriminating for or against any class or kind in the implementation of laws, rules, and regulations.

In short, it must be across the board, one-size-fits-all, hecho, derecho.

Indeed, a true regulatory paradigm makes or offers no exemptions.

Quite sadly and outrageously, it is not such an ideal world we live in.

And most certainly, Cabinet agencies are not perfect entities.

But it has been written a long time ago that “the crooked shall be made straight…”

Failing this, there is always the option to litigate.

And so Sen. Grace Poe over the weekend warned that she might file a case against the Department of Transportation if it does not act on policy issues involving the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange.

“If the DoTr won’t even try to solve that, I will file a case against them,” the senator told local radio station.

The lady lawmaker was referring to the PITX, a multi-modal terminal in Parañaque and a transfer point for buses coming from Cavite and Batangas, and other in-city modes of transportation.

With the operation of the terminal, buses would no longer be allowed to enter Metro Manila to helps lessen the traffic congestion on Edsa.

However, Poe raised the concern that the DoTr has granted exemptions to some provincial buses, allowing them to enter Metro Manila.

She said the DoTr must conduct tests and review the results of using the PITX before granting exemptions.

“They should run tests on the use of PITX and how it helps decongest Edsa. They ran the test for only one week and started granting exemptions,” the senator noted.

Poe’s Senate committee on public services conducted an inquiry on the operation of the PITX, which was found to have problems over rationalization of routes and the issuance of franchises.

Poe also called out the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board to issue a fare matrix for buses using the PITX, noting that some passengers pay the same fare for shorter trips.

Behold God’s glory and seek His mercy.

Pause and pray, people.