‘Failed rebellion’

December 27, 2018

If you have been taking up arms and fighting the government for half a century, isn’t it time to lay down your guns and call it quits?

Any armed rebellion to topple an existing government must be a swift and massive effort in order to be successful.

But the critical factor is the participation of the people.

The communist rebellion marked its 50 years of bloody and destructive warfare that brought the movement nowhere near victory because it failed to gain the support of the people it was supposed to liberate from oppression from a “feudal, bureaucrat-capitalistic, imperialistic” forces.

“Combat fatigue” has consumed the fires of communist revolutionary fervor, and this has been betrayed by the serial surrender of communist cadres, the latest of which was an entire squad in Agusan yielding their arms to the authorities.

Lastly, the rebellion is not served while its top leaders are living it up luxuriously in exile while their foot soldiers are made to shoot and run back into the mountains.

And so, Malacañang described the 50-year insurgency of the Communist Party/New People’s Army as a “failed rebellion” noting that its founding chairman, Jose Maria Sison is out of touch with reality

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo made this remark after Sison, in an interview over ANC on the day of CPP’s 50th anniversary, said the CPP-NPA remains relevant and would strengthen efforts to oust the President through its revolutionary movement.

“The 50 years of Joma Sison's rebellion speaks for itself. It's a failed rebellion. It only resulted in the loss of lives of Filipinos especially the numerous young students who were killed in ambushes, skirmishes, battles and in sickness in the hills, who could have served their country well in pacific and productive means, as well as the destruction of properties,” Panelo said.

He also noted that many communist rebels were already laying down their arms and surrendering while Sison remained in exile in The Netherlands since 1987.