Fair warning

November 23, 2018

I am doing this to serve as fair warning to overstaying appointees of the Aquino regime whose presence are still strongly felt in the different government departments and agencies. So many awry things of the past regime are still alive and kicking; destroying this present dispensation from within; and if I may say, “succeeding.” Parang walang nagbago. ‘Yong masama ang ugali noong nakaraan na rehimen, ay ginagawa pa rin ang dati nilang gawain; at mas masahol pa. It’s the height of hypocrisy ang mga nasa poder noon at naririyan pa rin kasi itong liberals noon ay pumapanig ngayon (albeit artificially) kay President Duterte for their own convenience, for themselves, at the expense of the President and the people.

Hindi na nahiya. Pati ‘yong nagpahirap kay Presidente Gloria noon at sila ang hindi pumayag na ma-house arrest si Presidente Gloria upang mas mapahirapan ay ngayon nakikipagbeso-beso pa kay former President Gloria, now Speaker of the House.

For President Gloria, and company: for me black is black; white is white; and I don’t play in the shades of grey. Just watch your back for if and when these bastards get full control of power, again, (God willing not), they will continue to be the bastards that they were before, again. They will never change. The people I speak of are simply “born to be bad.”

I am not telling those in power now to wreak revenge. No. But please know how to impose discipline and teach them a lesson not to behave as they did so badly during their heydays during the Aquino regime. I can almost say that they all if not most got rich through stealing, land-grabbing, drugs and other wrongdoings including smuggling just to make dirty money by totally disobeying the laws of the land and the laws as well of common decency ang humanity.

That is why we have not changed for the better because of the badness of our politicians. There is no way for us to change for the better as a people because of that so-called “politics.” Akala nila, in the name of politics its normal to do anything and everything under the sun to survive in it. Wait a minute. Politics need not be bad, nor dirty. Politics is to be able to rule for the good of the people, NOT for the good of oneself and his own family. That’s not what politics is all about; nor was it ever meant to be.

As I once said in a column before, but still apropos today and will be forever: My father, Tomas B. Morato, never wanted any of his children to enter politics. And I really never had an inkling for it. As he said: “Hijo, after I am gone, should you enter politics, remember this: If you enter rich, you must come out of it less rich; and if you enter it poor, you must come out poorer. Public service is a sacrifice.”

I followed him to the letter. His wisdom had so much impact on me that I indeed came out less rich. When I ran for President in 1998 (we were 11 presidential candidates) a group of businessmen was donating 50M for my campaign. I did not accept. I was only giving the people a choice at ayaw ko daanin sa pera.

I spent only a little over 4M of my own funds. That’s all. And in 2004 when President Gloria named me back to the PCSO to be one of the directors, two years after in 2006, my youngest brother whom I have now disowned including his entire family came to me and said, “I am being offered a position in government by President Gloria.”

I said, wait a minute. Let me resign from the PCSO first for it is so ugly to see both of us in government positions. I will give way to you. I will step down. But his appointment (for whatever position that was) never materialized, for some reason or another. That’s why I stayed on in my PCSO position up to the end of President Gloria’s term.

I honestly cannot see through this brother whom I have disowned for destroying the ancestral home of our parents without the consent of us other five siblings, all because of a strong Aquino politician he is allied with and fronts for as dummy. His connections in the liberal party is as strong as when Aquino was sitting in power.

You be the judge.

Sa akin, pag inayawan ko ang isang tao, only God can make me accept that person again.

That’s why, President Gloria: You can be nice, but not too nice to those truly born to be bad. I know you since our younger days, but times and people are different now. They no longer have the old school values of our times. It’s a dog-eat-dog they now believe in. Survival of the fittest, a very evil and satanic way of existence is the name of the game.

On my part, I can only be disappointed by a person once, but never twice. I learn my lessons; and there is reason for us to learn. The ways of Brutus is still alive today, believe it or not.

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