Focused leaders are worth the votes

PEOPLE ask about so many things from candidates in the coming elections. Watching debates on TV, I saw how senatoriables grapple for answers to questions thrown at them. Most of us are quickly turned-off to bets with  unimpressive responses and admire those who have bright ideas on almost anything.

But before we conclude that candidates with good answers deserve our votes, let’s find out if they can really put their words into action. Isn’t it that we have elected so many leaders who didn’t really walk the talk?

Leaders fail to fulfill their promises not because of incompetence but due to lack of focus. Look for a candidate with a single national objective and chances are he’s the one who can deliver that vow.
Shift to federalism.

Senatorial  candidate Conrado Generoso  or ‘Heneral Pederalismo’ of the Katipunan Party is one potential leader who has focus.  Since last year, he has been campaigning for the shift of our government system to federalism.

Federalism is seen to spread development all throughout the archipelago, which can finally end the conflicts in Mindanao and other neglected parts of the country.

One will find the concept of federalism complex but not if he listens to Generoso who is the former spokesman of President Duterte’s Consultative Committee for the drafting of the federal charter.

Generoso is focused on federalism that’s why his views on different issues are anchored on the concept, the objective of which is to enable marginalized regions to prosper.

16M votes for one objective.

Duterte was catapulted into Malacanang because of his singular objective to fight illegal drugs in the country.  His hate towards illegal drugs and passion to get rid of them earned him more than 16 million votes in the 2016 presidential elections.

His ratings surged in his first two years in office as he dealt with the drug menace the way he did when he was still mayor of Davao. But political enemies led a campaign against Duterte’s  ‘deadly’ drug war and he somewhat lost his focus. His ratings  dipped a bit.

But Duterte remains highly popular among the people.  His rating in surveys is strong and about to soar anew as he shifts his focus on infrastructure. The Build Build Build program was most felt recently with the launching  of the country’s first subway project.

Don’t lose focus

Focus is the key to achieve something. It doesn’t matter if a leader lacks the plurality of programs as long as he can deliver ‘one big change’ in the lives of Filipinos.

A drug-free Philippines was supposed to provide a better world for our children and the many generations of Filipinos to come.  We had the initiative to eliminate the drug menace but unfortunately lost it.

The massive infrastructure campaign of Duterte is something to look forward to in his last remaining years in the Palace. He will need focus so that Filipinos can already enjoy more skyways, metro rail transits, highways and bridges even before he leaves the presidency.

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