Food Deliveries

August 21, 2020

PEOPLE can understand that the authorities cannot allow anybody to ignore government-decreed quarantine restrictions and minimum public health standards at this time of national emergency.

That’s why we doff our hat to Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso for his efforts to generate jobs and help food establishments in the city get back on their feet faster amid the pandemic.

Mayor Moreno has issued Executive Order (EO) No. 35, which allows Manila-based establishments catering to food to operate take-out and food delivery services round-the-clock or 24/7.

Under EO No. 35, restaurants may also be allowed to operate beyond curfew hours in the city provided that they shall cater only to those authorized persons outside of residence (APORs).

Even non-Manilans said that as a dependable local government official, the actor-turned-mayor should be commended for realizing the need to slowly open up or revive the struggling economy. 

“We must learn to live while there’s COVID-19 and, at the same time, we must learn to go back to work safely. Life and livelihood must be addressed together for us to survive this battle,” he said.

However, the former scavenger from Tondo, Manila was quick to emphasize the need for everybody to strictly adhere to minimum public health standards, like wearing of face masks, at all times.

Various quarters believe that restricting the people’s movements without taking into consideration their ability to earn a living during the pandemic  would be bad for the economy as a whole.

Of course, government authorities, notably mayors and other local officials, cannot afford to have people unrest at a time when the latter group is buffeted by  major problems, like hunger.

Hopefully, other local government officials across the country come up with measures aimed at meeting the employment, food and other needs of the beleaguered Filipino people.