Forget EDSA or forget MMDA?

October 09, 2018

IT’S now interesting to know how a TV network is dealing with the sexual harassment case filed by a female host/reporter against its top executives.

The irony is that the network has been portraying itself as a champion on many things including women’s rights and protection.

Infact, the network has a foundation that deals with such advocacy and is admired by many including big donors and other supporters from the private sector.

What now would become of the network and its advocacy on women if the court finds there are indeed sexual predators in the highest echelon of its management?

Forget EDSA?

Many were dismayed when President Duterte publicly said Edsa is hopeless and the only thing that can be done is to forget about it.

If I am the chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority and I hear that statements from the President, I will be forced to choose between resigning and issuing a counter statement that says: ‘Not yet, Mr. President’.

Duterte wasn’t actually feeling hopeless about the unresolved traffic problem on Edsa. I believe the President was disappointed with MMDA’s failure to deliver the solution.

When he said “Let’s forget EDSA”, he could be actually saying “Let’s forget MMDA”, because when one talks about the mess on EDSA, what else comes into his mind?

MMDA Chairman Danny Lim, the brave soldier I once admired, should not give up on EDSA. He was appointed to his position precisely because he is a bemedalled Army Ranger who never retreated in a battle.

EDSA could be your last battle, Gen. Lim. Tell the President and the people you can still win it.

Abandoning an ailing  President?

Malacañang Spokesman Harry Roque indicated he is leaving Malacañang after being made ‘out of the loop’ when Duterte announced he was indeed sick.

Duterte’s revelation was contrary to what Roque was telling the public all the while that there was nothing wrong with the health of the President.

Roque was saying he could no longer be an effective spokesperson if important informations about the President are kept from him.

I agree with Roque. It made him less credible. But who cares? It was the President talking. Between a president and a spokesperson, who could be more credible?

My point is the President, being the highest official in the land, can always override any statement made by all officials under him and the public including the media understand that.

Besides, the health matter revealed by Duterte was too personal that only him can choose the manner it should be conveyed to the public.

So it should not really be a big deal for Roque if Duterte chose not to tell him about his sickness.

Roque’s job is to keep on positively communicating to the public Duterte’s sentiments especially in these very trying times for the Chief Executive.

It will not speak well of Roque if he decides to abandon Malacañang now.

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