December 03, 2018

I don’t profess to have the solution on how to stop the importation of garbage including medical wastes which is so dangerous to health for it can contaminate the people through rats that feed on these wastes and pass on the diseases to the nearby homes and infect its residents.

What Canada did to us by sending its wastes to the port of Manila during the past regime should have been detected when still on board the cargo ship and the containers should have not been allowed to be unloaded. They should have been shipped out immediately. It caused staggering traffic congestion in the Port Area for months; brought to Tarlac and unloaded them there. How many caught illnesses and diseases and died? We will never know.

It is not only a shame for our country to be known as a dumping ground of wastes from other allegedly civilized country such as Canada and just recently wastes from South Korea. Who next? What do they think of us? A dumping ground of wastes, garbage and illegal materials?

Some say that cargoes are inspected in the Manila Bay before docking in the port, especially when the port area is congested. Why not assign the Human Rights Commission to commit themselves to such abuses so they’ll have something important to do instead of playing politics?

This dumping of wastes and garbage from other allegedly civilized countries must stop. It was a shame that Prime Minister Trudeau “promised” to have their garbage sent back to Canada but did not make good his promise. Canada and South Korea both allow the use of incinerators unlike in the Philippines which banned the use of incinerators in the 1987 Constitution for reasons I yet have to understand. The incinerators of today are well advanced and do not disturb the ozone layers as it has been bandied around in Congress causing fears on those who feared the idea. But they say, it’s big business for garbage haulers. But they can continue hauling. Wala namang mawawalang negosyo sa kanila kasi imbes of dumping them on the ground in some dumping sites, incinerate them instead in the dumpsite where the incinerators can be installed. Hindi naman maaapektuhan ang kanilang negosyo; at sa mga nagkakalkal, na nagiging hanap-buhay nila. Huwag na po ninyo ipagpatuloy at lahat naman ng konti ninyong kikitain ay gagastusin din ninyo sa pagpapagamot. Talaga pong maaapektuhan ang inyong kalusugan, lalo na po ang inyong mga anak. Ang sakit po ay walang pinipili, bata man o matanda.

The local governments must find a way to help the poor in need, instead of enriching themselves in office. Masosolusyonan ang poverty sa ating bayan kung may sense of honesty lang ang mga opisyales natin sa puwesto. Madalas po ang mga kumakandidato ay hindi para magsilbi sa kapwa nating mga kapus-palad kundi ginagawang negosyo ang pulitika. Ang dami pong pumasok sa pulitika para magpayaman. Kitang-kita naman po sa mga kilos at pamumuhay nila. Papasok sa pulitika na hindi mayaman at lalabas after their term na sobrang yaman na sa ninakaw. Hindi po ba sila nakokonsensiya? Parang “normal” lang sa kanila magnakaw sa public office.

Ang nakaw na pera calls for “restitution.” It means: if it is not returned back to the people ang perang ninakaw, hindi makakapasok sa langit kasi walang pari, obispo, cardinal na puwedeng magpatawad sa kasalanan na ‘yan in confession, not even the Holy Father, the Pope. Only God can decide whether to grant forgiveness or not at the time of death.

Kaya huwag ninyong akalain na si Father so and so, o si Bishop so and so, o si Cardinal so and so at pati na ang Santo Papa ay mapapatawad ang inyong kasalanan. Moral Theology dictates and demands restitution, o isauli muna ang ninakaw ninyong pera ng taongbayan; o kung kanino man bago kayo mamatay.

Kalimutan na ninyo ‘yong inaakala ninyo mga magnanakaw sa bayan na kaibigan daw nila si Father, si Bishop, si Cardinal at mag-aabuloy lang ay mapapatawad sila sa kanilang mga ninakaw. Hindi po ‘yan totoo. Ang Diyos lang in the hour of death ang maghuhusga kung ibinalik ninyo ‘yong nakaw na pera bago kayo mamatay. That’s clear enough in Moral Theology, kung kayo’y nagsipag-aral kung ano ang tama at mali.

Ito ang hindi alam ng mga magnanakaw. As I always reminded our people: To steal from the rich is a crime; but to steal from the poor is double the crime.


SOS, an urgent appeal for help: Baguio City has a big problem including the area of Tuding, Itogon, where the Monterrazas Village is located. No hauler can pick-up the smelly garbage that have piled up for months inside the village for there is no dumpsite to take them to. I wonder if the DILG can help in guiding the residents how to solve this problem. In a situation as what the village with almost 200 homeowners are going through, can the DILG allow the residents to burn them in such a situation until the local government of Itogon finds a suitable dumpsite? As I said, no garbage hauler would accept for they have nowhere to dump them in. But it is unhealthy to leave them for the rats and flies and roaches to make it a haven of diseases.

The local government of Itogon must do something about it, but the problem is the present mayor is ending his term this coming June 2018.

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