Generoso for press secretary; Crisologo for QC mayor

October 16, 2018

CONRADO ‘Ding’ Generoso, the spokesman of the Consultative Committee that drafted the Federal Charter, has more than 35 years of experience in the field of media. He is a veteran public relations practitioner and a fantastic speech writer.

Ding, as his many friends in media call him,  is an excellent communicator. He can make even a grade six student understand the complexities of Federalism. His sharp analysis of many things are admired by the most cunning executives and policymakers.

He is now called ‘Sir Ding’ by reporters and TV hosts. If President Duterte hasn’t named anybody yet for the post of press secretary, I proudly recommend Generoso.

He’s what you need, Mr. President.

* * *

Even without a dependable running mate, mayoralty candidate Bingbong Crisologo is still a powerful force to reckon with in Quezon City.

Crisologo, who has endeared himself to many poor citizens owing to his ‘personalized’ approach in helping the needy, is the fast rising icon of ‘good change’ and ‘strong will’ among those who lost faith in overstaying and unproductive leaders of the city.

There is truth in Bingbong’s claim that despite being the richest locality in the country, Quezon City is still home to thousands of people who are jobless, homeless, and can’t buy food and medicines when they are hungry and sick.

His answer to this lingering problem is simple: If he becomes mayor, he will prioritize the basic needs of the people. He will spend on livelihood, shelters, hospitalization, and nutritional requirements of the citizens especially the underprivileged.

With this platform, who can’t win in an honest election? I said ‘honest’ because election results can be cheated.

But who dares to rob Bingbong?

* * *

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources should deploy incorruptible ‘green policemen’ in Boracay if it wants to keep the world-class beach resort protected from abuse at all times.

The government,  led by President Duterte himself, has initiated a serious and costly campaign to rehabilitate the island. Fortunately, it was successful and should be sustained. The DENR now must not let its guard down against erring establishments and tourists.

Corruption played a key role in the destruction of Boracay. It should be fought and kept at bay by uncompromising environment law enforcers especially now that the island is back to its healthy and glorious state. 

And where do we get those kind of enforcers? I’m pretty sure there are lots of good-mannered young men and women out there who can’t wait to become ‘Baywatch stars’ in real life.

A uniformed (swimsuit) job with a decent pay in paradise.

Who won’t sign up?

* * *

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