Give ’em the quick boot!

January 02, 2019

The rule must be rigid: guns are strictly for defensive purposes only, even for law enforcers and other state security forces.

In short, they should never be used for other purposes by these uniformed personnel in the service of the government.

Private gun owners and off-duty cops and soldiers may practice their shooting skills within the confines of firing ranges but never outside these facilities, specially during holidays like New Year’s Eve in order to avoid unintended injuries caused by stray bullets.

But since some agents of the law cannot seem to break this bad habits, a lawmaker and veteran law enforcer has issued a warning against indiscriminate firing of guns.

No less than a quick boot will do for at least seven trigger-happy policemen who were caught firing their guns during the holiday season, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said.

Lacson, who went hard after rogue cops when he headed the National Police from 1999 to 2001, said these cops are "scumbags" who showed no regard for life.

He also stressed the need for the PNP to sustain its internal cleansing efforts, pointing out that rogue cops "do not deserve to stay a minute longer in the police service."

On New Year's Day, PNP Chief Director-General Oscar Albayalde said seven police officers now face administrative cases for indiscriminate firing during the holidays.

The PNP said the seven are among 23 "trigger-happy gun holders" who face raps for firing their guns between Dec. 16, 2018 and early morning of Jan. 1, 2019.

Albayalde said the 23 gun holders were involved in 26 reported incidents of illegal discharge of firearms in revelry.

Other than the seven policemen, also arrested were two government officials, one soldier, 10 civilians, two security guards, and one law enforcement agent, the PNP said.

Earlier, Lacson deplored the abuses committed by some PNP personnel amid an unprecedented salary hike for military and uniformed personnel, in compliance with Joint Resolution No. 1.