Give your best gifts now!

August 15, 2020

I AM inspired by Todd Lake’s article Give Your Best Gifts Now where he wrote, “We often think of successful, creative people as those who chart their own course and advance smoothly along a path that they themselves have determined. While this does happen for a happy few, there is a basis for living out a very different approach by using our God-given gifts.”

If you recall the story of Joseph in the Old Testament, he was sold as a slave by his own brothers, hauled off to Egypt, framed for attempted rape by his boss’ wife, and thrown into prison without due process.

Now Joseph could have sulked in victim mentality. Instead, he did his dungeon duties so well that the warden put him in charge of the other inmates.

I doubt Joseph saw his being a slave and prisoner as “Boy, this is great career training.” Yet he was faithful to the smaller yet significant responsibilities – even if it was in a place of pain!

Later, Pharaoh had two dreams, which Joseph interpreted so astutely that Pharaoh promoted him as second-in-command of all Egypt.

Lake continues, “Instead of becoming embittered, [Joseph] was now willing to use his God-given talents to serve others, regardless of how little he gained in return. He was faithful with the small opportunities he had in that dungeon, and soon he was given the chance to strategize the future of the nation of Egypt.”

How long did it take Joseph between being sold as a slave and reaching the heady pinnacle of success? Thirteen years!

I do not know what is your situation at work.

•    Are you a factory worker toiling in heat and obscurity?

•    Or a clerk typing endless memos that will be out of date next week?

•    Or a schoolteacher wondering whether you are making an impact on your students?

•    Or a salesman struggling to clinch that next deal?

•    Or a call-center agent enduring the grind of the graveyard shift?

Whatever your status, take heart. Give your best gifts today. Excellence builds upon itself and soon, it won’t go unnoticed.

Rather than whine about not being given the big breaks in life and career, cultivate a grateful heart that you have an arena where you can showcase your unique personality and abilities.

Joseph used his God-given gifts in the hidden places, among forgotten people. But it became his prelude to greatness.

So can we.

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