Greenery among us

October 26, 2019

So we are stuck in traffic most of the time. You are getting stressed and there are deadlines for you to meet when you reach your office. You are so absorbed of what is happening internally, inside your vehicle, and you fail to notice something more helpful, more valuable around you.  

Look up and see what’s outside of your vehicle. You’re at EDSA. Then you notice something. It’s always been there in the middle of the entire stretch of EDSA, well, most of it anyway. It’s the greenery among us.  

It’s the flowers or that stretch of what is planted in the middle of the pollution of this road. It’s well kept, well maintained all year long. And I have been admiring the continuity of this greenery for years now, no matter what is happening all around us.  

That stretch of greenery is there to relieve your stress, to rest your eyes, and just to make you feel better and less stressed. Yes, did you not know that staring at leaves for minutes helps relieve the strain in your eyes?  

And you just get to admire this greenery because you see that somewhere out there, in our midst, is a well-kept project of MMDA or DPWH or whoever is paying for the maintenance of this greenery along the highway.

Some people always tell us that we should appreciate the good things in life, even if we are amidst chaos or depressing situations. And that greenery is one we should not take for granted but should always be grateful for. Here is one government project that works and has been sustained through the years, or is it decades already? I really would like to suggest to all local officials to start planting in their surroundings. Let it be flowers, trees, but I prefer vegetables and fruits.

Somehow, this will provide sustenance to our people out there. We need to balance our lives better nowadays. We can do it in a simple manner. On one side is the daily stress of commuting. On the other is appreciating what is out there that we have been taking for granted throughout the year. We always notice right away Christmas street decors.  

But all this time, this greenery has been there all along. We notice the lights but we forget that these lights are being strung along the greenery of our roads. Plant, plant, plant is what our mindset should be if we want to contribute to reversing the dismal effects the climate change emergency we are now in.  

Do it right now. Time is running out regarding our climate and the environment. Learn now to appreciate the greenery around us.