The heat is on

October 13, 2018

We are now reeling from extreme weather conditions due to climate change and the last few days we felt the heat of what is supposed to be the rainy season.

But literally, it was extremely hot with practically no rains. Aren’t we supposed to be in the rainy season? Yet, we are feeling a sweltering hot weather with occasional announcements of typhoons which do not enter the Philippine area of responsibility or PAR.  

So we are where we are now in the midst of a sunny yet really warm weather.

Adding to the sweltering heat is the coming election period for next year and we are being bombarded with various filing of certificate of candidacies.

It will indeed be an interesting election year and indeed, the heat is on. So what do we do in the meantime? We are now faced with rising prices of commodities, especially fuel and I see everyone really tightening their belts.

We may have the various sales being announced and it will be interesting if people will be buying or maybe just window shopping in air-conditioned malls to escape the heat. Expect more consumers comparing prices and I will not be surprised if many will prefer to go to Divisoria and other sources of goods and commodities.

Traffic is getting really worse due, among others, to the many road construction projects which are being rushed right and left all over the country.

This construction boom is welcome for our construction workers who are assured of income for the next few months. But something must really be done to stop the rising of prices.

Even if car owners want to use  public transportation, the lines there are usually long.

I really welcome the P2P or point to point buses but they must make more turn-arounds in short periods of time so more commuters who are willing to shell out the P80 per trip can avail of its services.

This of course will depend on the traffic situation along EDSA and this is where we really need to see more MMDA personnel manning critical intersections.

Yes, traffic is manmade. Much as many car owners want to avoid using their vehicles due to the high cost of gasoline, they cannot do so due to our lack of an efficient mass transportation system.

We cannot engage anymore in finger-pointing as to whom to blame. We must learn to find solutions and implement these immediately.

We the commuters are indeed being inconvenienced daily and our patience is really running out.

How about the daylight saving time scheme  for the last quarter of the year? This way the roads will be decongested.  

We can also try the work from home system for companies that rely on the internet to do business.

The idea is to get people off the streets. The heat is indeed on in many aspects of our commuting lives today.

Were it not for the many activities that can be derived from having a cellphone which keeps commuters busy while lining up or in the midst of a standstill traffic, we the people would really be out there demanding for a better transport system.

With taxicabs now back and with Grab practically monopolizing the car for hire service, there are many taxi drivers now refusing to ferry passengers if this is not convenient for them.

Many are missing Uber but you know what happened to them in spite of the request of commuters to keep them until there is a better alternative. Something must be done to stop the abuses of taxi drivers.

We are back to their haughtiness. We keep on backsliding instead of moving forward to more efficient commute system.

And so with the hot weather, the election fever now rising, and the traffic mess that we experience daily, the heat is indeed on.