Help Gen. Gamboa succeed

February 12, 2020

PHILIPPINE National Police Deputy Chief for Operations, Lieutenant General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar has  called on all Mindanao police officers and men to help the PNP leadership’s program to attract full public support by doing their job well, particularly in their own internal cleansing program.

Speaking before unit commanders of Police Regional Offices 10,12 and 13 recently, the PNP’s no. 3 official underscored  particularly the need for the police force to fully comply with PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa’s priority programs specifically in fighting drugs, criminality and rogues in uniform.

Eleazar said there is also a need to correct the impression that Mindanao is a ‘dumping ground’ of corrupt policemen from Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon since the region is getting a great share of government resources.

“Our beloved President Rodrigo Duterte, who hails from Mindanao, has been doing his part on this aspect by sealing a peace deal with the MILF and giving his all-out support to both the police and the military,” he said.

“Our new Chief PNP General Archie Francisco Gamboa who is also a product of Mindanao, has also been doing his share by ensuring the procurement of the best mission-essential equipment for our police personnel, especially those assigned here,” he added.

Gen. Eleazar said that under the leadership of Gen. Gamboa, “we are also correcting the wrong impression that Mindanao is a dumping site of police scalawags in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon and the Visayas.”

“This, we do, by ensuring that strict disciplinary measures are in place for erring police personnel— the assurance that they will be caught and punished for their wrongdoings. And we will make sure that only the toughest but smartest policemen will be deployed here,” he emphasized.

According to the official, the challenge for Mindanao policemen right now is to live up to the expectations of the PNP motto which is “to serve and protect” now that they are getting a reliable support system from the PNP leadership and the Commander-in-Chief.

“To serve, in order to stop the cycle of hate that has long enslaved the great people of Mindanao. To protect, in order to finally put an end to the cycle of violence that has long given Mindanao a bad impression.

Let us work together to make Mindanao a great place to live in, let us work together to make Mindanao the Land of Promise once more,” he said.

Saying that the soil of Mindanao had been drenched by the blood of thousands of soldiers and law enforcers killed in helping protect the government and the public in the past,  Eleazar said that police should also note the sacrifices made by their colleagues in the region.

“Police heroes are made in Mindanao. It is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. We have the SAF 44 for instance, and we have plenty of stories here to share about the courage and integrity of our brothers and sisters in police uniform. As law enforcers, it is our duty to honor our fallen brothers by working on their vision, on their dream of turning Mindanao into beautiful place once more,” Eleazar said.
Bakit gusto kong mag-pulis?

Speaking before policemen at the Regional Training Center 3 in Magalang, Pampanga last week, the official said he himself asked the same question when he was given the option to either stay in the military or become a policeman under the Philippine National Police.

Bakit ako nag-pulis? I chose to become a policeman because this is where I could maximize the service to our people. A policeman is there in times of security threats from rebel and terrorist groups just like our SAF44 and our police heroes during the Marawi City siege.

A policeman is there in times of calamities just like our brothers in uniform in Batangas during the recent Taal Volcano eruption. A policeman is there when his neighbor and even any person needs help against street criminals. And a policemen is even there when a child asked for assistance against bullies.

Ngayon, bakit kayo nag-pulis? Bakit kayo nagtiyaga sa mga hirap na dinaanan ninyo upang malampasan ang matinding training na ito? he told the members of Public Safety Basic Recruit Course ‘Sandinig’ Class 2019-02.

I know you have your own reasons, I know that there is something or someone that motivated you that inspired you to become a policeman— but I hope that turning this noble profession as an opportunity to get rich through illegal means is not one of them,” he said.