Honoring Mayor Lim

August 16, 2020

JUST a few days after Mayor Alfredo S. Lim’s death, local government officials of Manila started a move to immortalize the “Dirty Harry” for serving the country and the Filipino people for 58 years.

The “Poor Boy from Tondo,” idolized by law-abiding citizens but feared by drug dealers and other criminals, served Manila and its citizens for 50 years, 38 years as a policeman and 12 years as mayor.

On the initiative of Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, the city council, under the leadership of Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, passed on first reading an ordinance honoring the “Great Manileno.”

The ordinance seeks to rename the Universidad de Manila (UDM), which offers free tertiary education to poor but deserving students not only from Manila but elsewhere, to “Alfredo S. Lim University (ASLU).”

As chairman of the city-operated university, Mayor Moreno has already discussed the renaming of UDM, formerly called the “City College of Manila (CCM),” with UDM President Maria Lourdes Tiquia.

Tiquia, like the rest of Manilenos, notably the poorest of the poor, supports the ordinance, which is seen to hurdle the second and third readings without any problem, according to observers.

Lim, a shoe shine boy, security guard, bus conductor, barker, and vendor during his student days, changed countless lives by plucking them out of extreme poverty through free college education.

“And if only for that, he deserves to be thanked and recognized for this accomplishment,” said Moreno, a former entertainer who used to roam the streets of Tondo as a young scavenger.

A student of history said that the powerful King Nebuchadnezzar II is known for building the “Hanging Garden of Babylon,” one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” in honor of his wife Amytis of Media.

But he said Mayor Alfredo “Fred” Siojo Lim, on the other hand, will go down in history as the “Father of Free College Education” and “Builder of Public Hospitals” in Manila, the country’s premier city.