How about urban farming?

February 02, 2019

Unless you live in the provinces where we have our agricultural lands, I believe that with so many people staying in urban areas, we should start adopting a nationwide urban farming system.

This way, our people will learn how to sustain themselves and to prepare for any food crisis that may arise. So how about we who live in cities, start to seriously think about urban farming. Space is no problem because I have read that even in a small condominium, we can have small plots to plant vegetable and spices. So what will it take for us to go into this? There is a foundation, the East West Seed Foundation, that can provide us with seedlings and you just have to check their website for the details. We can also look along our main roads where you have potted plants lining the fences. I just hope what they plant there are useful.

Urban farming will not only help in providing vegetables, but it will also add to a green scenery in our crowded urban areas. There is nothing like staring at the refreshing color of green to relax our eyes which are always tired looking at our computers and cellphones. Green is refreshing to the eyes and relaxing. Do you remember growing up with toy shovels?

We should encourage our children to start planting no matter how small the areas. See how their eyes will get excited watching their plants grow and bear fruits. Planting will also teach patience to the young and will help them persevere in their other tasks while growing up. There are many benefits to urban farming. Aside from providing the aesthetics in a crowded living area, this activity can also provide skills to the young.

I am afraid that due to our present lifestyle of rushing from one activity to another, we don’t learn to appreciate the joy in planting, harvesting, and savoring one’s efforts. We prefer junk food which is instant and I admit, is more tasty. But what about the nutritional aspect of these types of edible eats?

Urban farming will provide a healthier lifestyle and make the youth and the rest of our people appreciate vegetables and other items in urban farming.

How about suggesting an urban farming activity at least once a week? The long term benefits will be more beneficial in the long run.