I’ll vote for Manicad; Eastwood Police laudable

February 02, 2019

I do not know Jiggy Manicad personally but I will vote for him.

Except for being a fellow journalist, all I know is that he is a television news personality whose name had never been dragged in any irregularity.

More than that, the reason why I would vote for him is that for the longest time and among all other candidates -- be they running for national or local elective posts -- it is only Manicad who, so far, managed to man up against survey firms who bleed politicians dry.

In a televised interview, Manicad shared his dismay over the fact that as a candidate for senator, he learned that one has to shell out a staggering P300,000 if he wants his name to be included in the surveys.

Then, if you want a specific question added to the commissioned survey which you believe is a gauge for your standing in the public eye, the cost is P50,000 per question.

He also said that if your name got included in a survey commissioned by another party and you would want to know the details that became the basis of the results, you will have to cough up another P200,000 or more.

Well, he did not name the survey firm or firms he was referring to but I do admire him for having the guts to come out in the open about something that many have been suspecting but did not have the proof to confirm their suspicion. Something that no politician ever dared to do, which is to expose that some survey firms are out to just make money.

If we’re talking of this kind of initial expenditures on a mere survey covering a short period and only a thousand or two possible voters, how much more are spent by politicians as election day draws near? Where will they get all these money? What assurance do we have that they will not steal from government coffers once they win, to be able to get their so-called ‘return of investment?’

* * *

Two alleged holdup men were killed in a shootout with the police at a checkpoint in Quezon City over the weekend.

The chief of the Eastwood Police, whose men killed the said unidentified holduppers, said the suspects were with a couple others and aboard separate motorcycles when they sped past a checkpoint.

The cops assigned at the checkpoint hurriedly boarded their police car and chased down the suspects. A shootout ensued, resulting in the instant death of two of the suspects while their cohorts managed to flee.

In a televised interview, two of the victims said they were waiting for a ride -- it was past midnight -- when the motorcycle-riding suspects held them up. They positively identified the slain suspects as the ones who took their belongings at gunpoint.

I note with much gladness that the entire operation was transparent and in addition, the money and valuables taken by the suspects from the victims were fully recovered.

No offense to the police but in a lot of occasions in the past, the police claim to have solved a holdup case and having slain the suspects in a shooting encounter. Worse, nothing is recovered and police would say that the stolen valuables and money may have been passed on by the slain suspects to their cohorts who managed to flee and evade arrest. Well, of course, we know the real story behind.

This is why I am commending the Eastwood police members who carried out the said operation, for a job well done.

* * *

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