Imee bats for media safety; Department of Energy under Cusi gets ISO

February 07, 2019

With elections drawing near, violence against members of the media is expected to or may possibly escalate.

While of course, my good friend Paul Gutierrez, the playboy former president -now vice president- of the National Press Club (joke), constantly comes up with ways and means to protect journalists, it’s nice to know that Ilocos Norte Governor  Imee Marcos is also batting for measures to make sure that members of the tri-media are kept safe and secure as they carry out their functions specially in the coming polls.

In fact, in an interview,  Imee, now a senatorial candidate, called on  Philippine National Police Chief  (PNP) Director General Oscar Albayalde and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Benjamin Madrigal to institute measures to protect journalists in the frontlines of the election coverage, as she warned that attacks against the media might go up during the campaign season (knock on wood).

As the election period gets into full swing, Marcos said the hazards of the job for members of the press has just gone notches higher.

It’s good to know that a politician who is sometimes even at the receiving end of brickbats from the media, would be concerned about the welfare of the members of the Fourth Estate.

As she had put it, ‘nakakatakot ang bumatikos sa mga personalidad lalo na sa mga tiwaling pulitiko. Politicians are now doubly sensitive about their image and would go to extraordinary lengths to protect it. Panahon ito ngayon na ang target na patayin ng mga tiwaling pulitiko ay mga mamamahayag.’

Recognizing the great difficulty in preventing attempts at silencing critical media people, she said the Armed Forces and the PNP authorities could start by focusing on election hotspots.

She stressed that if we must have peaceful elections, it is important that  keeping the press safe and secured be of paramount concern.

Of late, a total of 12 journalists have been killed and nine of them, according to a journalists’ group, were killed in the line of duty.

During the previous administration under the watch of then President Noynoy Aquino,  a total of 35 journalists were reportedly killed from July 1, 2010 to November 2015.

* * *  

Kudos to the Department of Energy (DoE) headed by the brilliant Secretary Alfonso Cusi.

Just recently, he led members of the DoE family in receiving the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certificates awarded by the Development Academy (DAP) of the Philippines and the AJA Registrars, Inc. at the agency’s headquarters in Taguig City.

The process was rigorous and required us to abandon the limiting mindset that has been hampering the DoE from keeping up with rapidly changing times. Now, we are closer to raising the bar of public service,” Sec. Cusi said in his closing remarks. 

The ISO Certification was part of the Government Quality Management Program, which seeks to promote and enhance public sector performance, develop an institutional infrastructure, establish the citizens’ charter of key government offices and recognize citizen-driven government organizations.

Among the awardees of the ISO 9001:2015 certificates were the Energy Resource Development Bureau, Oil Industry Management Bureau, Energy Policy and Planning Bureau, Records Service Division and the Lighting and Appliance Testing Laboratory Services.

With Sec. Cusi at its helm, the DoE will certainly continue to soar.

* * *

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Kaya pwede ba? Not today, dad!/TATAY: Sasagot ka ba ng maayos o gusto mo sinturunin pa muna kita? Dagukan kita eh. Ang dami mong sinabi eh kinder ka pa lang ‘no?/ PEDRO: Joke lang ‘tay. Diyan ako galing sa kapitbahay kina Juan naglaro lang ng trumpo.

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