Insiders vs Outsiders

September 28, 2018

There were altercations about Martial Law during President Marcos’ regime last September 21 when Martial Law was declared in 1972.

I witnessed all those years and the country was peaceful until those who opposed it started plotting against Martial Law. That’s when we saw the opposition started the rubble rousing when they found some space that the general public were comfortable enough in accepting martial rule. It has to be overturned by those who had other plans.

Senator Enrile appeared on television with the son of President Marcos, Bongbong, who was then too young to know everything. He has the right to find out what exactly transpired; and who else could he find out the many reasons for its declaration than an elder “insider” who knows all the reasons why the many events took place.

At 92 years old, Senator Enrile was sharp, lucid, brilliant and knew what exactly happened. When a person reaches that age, we can accept that he was telling the truth on what and how things happened before and during Martial Law. He had no reason to lie. His book which he published two or three years ago form part of his legacy. The young have the tendency to lie, but the older ones with wisdom normally do not resort to lying anymore.

As I’ve always said, the television is the most cruel audio visual medium that goes through the soul of a person. It is so powerful that if a person lies, you can immediately detect. The body language, the shifty-eyed and the facial expression of the person on television can be judged by any person with keen perception.

Senator Enrile never stuttered in the entire interview, nor was he carrying a note to remind him of whatever. He was plain candid, natural and with a very alert mind.

I can honestly say on my part that I believe him more than the bystanders who had suddenly have to say something bad that made them popular; and ended up reaping the harvest, so to speak, at the expense of their hate campaign against President Marcos. The “masa” are very vulnerable and easy to condition their minds. And the yellows took advantage of brain-washing them.

It was refreshing to watch on television historians say more sober opinion relating the Marcos Martial Law. Professor Chua and Professor John Ray Ramos, a public historian, advised that Martial Law must be looked at in a “more sober way.” They are right for there were so many players that came into the picture that marred the purpose of President Marcos for declaring Martial rule for many important and valid reasons, one of which was to save the country from communism. The Maoist movement was growing so fast that it had to be neutralized immediately.

At the time, I was a plain observer, not a bit politicized. And for what I learned and heard from Senator Enrile, he was accurate in what he said. I was 39 years old when Martial Law was declared, old enough to know what was happening. It is a simple thing as the enemies not wanting Marcos to succeed as they are doing it now with President Duterte.

I really do not know Senator Enrile except meeting him socially; and half brother of my mortal enemy when I was Chairman of the MTRCB during President Cory’s term. The so-called “Concerned Artists of the Philippines” wanted total freedom of expression, including the production of bomba films which were and still are against the law. Freedom in any aspect of life is never total. Freedom calls for a lot of responsibility.

But in all those quarrels and demonstrations against me, I stood my ground. I obeyed existing laws completely as MTRCB Chairman from 1986 to 1992.

It is gratifying to say, however, that despite our differences, Armida invited me on her 40th wedding anniversary and in the printed program it said that I would be the inspirational speaker.

I went and delivered a very short message; and this is what I said: “Armida and Sig (the husband, Atty. Siguion-Reyna) I have only a brief message to tell you: Marriage is not a marriage between two people. It is also a marriage of two families. So, Armida, love your husband and his family; and Sig, love Armida and her family. God bless you.”

When I was leaving, Atty. Sig followed me and thanked me. Pero, may dinagdag siya. Sabi sa akin: “Lumaban ka Manoling at tama ang ipinaglalaban mo. Awayin mo si Armida.”

In my six years as MTRCB Chairman, a most controversial office, I was able to control the pornographic film production. I had to fight for the sake of our young children and the generation behind us.

Armida was my “enemy” when they rallied against me. But elsewhere, she was always nice and friendly to me naman.

In all those rough times, Cristina and Johnny Ponce Enrile were nice to me too. That much I can say.

Going back to the charges from the opposite camp on the issue of false “Historical Revisionism” being false, beclouding the “facts.”

I know that the Cory supporters who profited and benefitted from her presidency could not be more factual than Senator Enrile who was in the thick of it and knew what both sides of the camps were doing.

I’ve seen more distortion of history from what I am hearing from the yellow camp.

Marcos did not do all those things that they are accusing him of. Even Etta Rosales’ alleged “rape” or attempted rape is being blamed on President Marcos. And so on down the line. The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were and are duty-bound to control the peace and order of the country from the destabilizers.

Nanganak na ng nanganak ang mga istorya na hindi naman si Presidente Marcos ang gumawa.

My only advice: Huwag naman ninyo ibintang lahat sa Marcoses at maraming nangyari na iba ang gumawa ng krimen. Naglabo-labo na lahat ng sectors from the rightists to the leftists and the pretenders to bring down President Marcos at any cost and did not care what sufferings the people went through who were caught in the middle of the power struggle.

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