An interview with God

September 28, 2018

“CALL to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known” (Jeremiah 33:2). As we continue our journey in life, God is always calling us to follow him through His words and through faith. In spite of our many sins, God never gives up on us and continuously shows us His light and grace.

Our journey in life has always challenges that sometimes make us feel weary and test our faith to God. These tribulations sometimes confuse us to question God’s presence.  Recognizing this situational reality, Radio Veritas (the country’s flagship Catholic Radio Station) has diversified its approach in spreading faith and truth through various media platforms, which includes cinema. Every now and then, new media technologies are being invented; and Radio Veritas is spearheading the initiative to reach out to all Catholic faithful through these new forms of evangelization to help in one’s journey of faith.

Radio Veritas through its various partnerships is totally maximizing the use of mainstream media by means of widening the scope of its collaboration with our media partners by looking for other forms of media but not limited to simply TV and Radio, as it will help our community to grow and learn about God through other emerging information platforms.

One such collaboration is Veritas Asia and Radio Veritas 846’s upcoming event with Pioneer Films for the special screening of the movie “An Interview with God” scheduled on October 1 (Monday) 6:00 p.m. at the Trinoma Mall Cinema 6.  The film will showcase a story about struggles, faith, reflection, life, relationships, mysteries and self-realization about who do we say God is. It brings the idea of talking to God and postulates the question “If you have questions for God, what would it be?”

This 96-minute film from Director Perry Lang brings to screen actors Brenton Thwaites (as Paul Asher) and David Strathairn (as God) in a cinematic storytelling of a journalist in the crossroads of his life.  Covering the war in Afghanistan provided journalist Paul Asher with some of the best stories of his young career. But that endeavor ends up costing him so much more than he ever could have calculated. Upon returning home, Paul struggles to deal with the after-effects of his experiences, a failing marriage, and his dying faith. Not knowing where to turn, Paul dives deeply into the story of a lifetime -- an interview with a mysterious man claiming to be God. What does an inquisitive reporter ask God? What would you ask? Sitting down with this mysterious man over the course of three fateful days, Paul finds himself answering as many questions as he asks. While wrestling with what he knows and what he’s unsure of, Paul finds himself at the turning point we all come to in our lives: Who do we say God is?

“Artistically, An Interview With God is gripping and entertaining. The back-and-forth dialogue between Asher and God dominates the film, as we hang on every single word and wonder, ‘what will Asher ask next? What will God say? What would we ask?’ Thwaites and Strathairn are stellar. The film score is a perfect fit, too. Overall, though, the film gives us a picture of God that is closer to scripture than seen in most movies like these -- and one that can be used as a discussion-starter with unbelievers. That’s progress.” (Word Slingers). “I hope people will leave realizing that God loves them, and because of that, there is no question that is off-limits or question that He can’t handle or that in the asking, could ever change His love for us. I want people to feel empowered to share and discuss the tough questions in life” (Harrison Powell).

This collaboration also serves as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of both Veritas Asia and Radio Veritas in its ongoing apostolate of spreading the Gospel truth and using it as a tool for new evangelization. Event partners to this special screening likewise include: Inquirer Libre, Business Mirror, Skyhigh Media, DDBS Advertising Unlimited, Inc., Bakerite, Aficionado, PhilPilgrimage.Com, Muebles Italiano and Colegio De Sta. Teresa de Avila Foundation, Inc.

Fr. Anton Pascual (Radio Veritas president) explains, “I hope that through this film we would not forget that God is always with us and will remain in our life to give us strength and courage to face the darkest moment of our life as ‘for the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart’ (Hebrews 4:12)”.

For more inquiries on other 50th anniversary activities, please call 925-7932 to 39 local 130 or 132 and look Ms. Audrey Elli.  Netizens may also visit the radio station’s website at and follow its Twitter and Instragram accounts @veritasph, and Facebook page @Veritasph for more details.  Make it a habit to listen to Radio Veritas 846 in the AM band, or through live streaming at  For comments, email

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