Join anti-COVID fight

March 28, 2020

WHAT the public is awaiting is when the other filthy rich people in the Philippines, which is teeming with moneyed politicians, will join the government’s fight against the COVID-19.

We share the view of many that the rich, including local politicians across the country, ought to use their financial and manpower resources to help the people during the emergency.

The more important question now is what these politicians, who are very “generous” during elections, will do as the people grapple with the adverse effects of the contagion.

“Sana naman ngayon sila (mga politiko) mamigay ng pera, bigas, kape, asukal at sardinas sa mga mahihirap at hindi sa panahon lamang ng eleksyon,” said an irate farmer of Alcala, Pangasinan.

At the same time, the farmer paid a glowing tribute to those who continue to show genuine concern for the health, safety and welfare of people affected by the community quarantine.

Likewise, he cited the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for donating nearly 180,000 face masks to doctors, nurses and other hospital front liners fighting the virus in the Metropolitan Manila area.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the PRC, chaired by Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon, has provided 177,400 surgical masks to 22 hospitals in MM, including the Philippine General Hospital.    

“We are here to support our hospitals as they perform and do their best to take care of those who are sick and possibly with the virus,” said Gordon, one of the youngest members of the 1971 Constitutional Convention.

In this Southeast Asian nation of poll-crazy people, many candidates for local positions, like mayor, vice mayor, councilor, village chairman or councilman, buy votes during elections.

It is saddening, disgusting and lamentable that many deserving and highly-qualified but poor candidates find it hard to win during an election, which is democracy in action.   

Without doubt, it is time to step up the pressure on the country’s politicians, local and national, and the rich to join the gigantic task of stopping the spread of the coronavirus disease.