Keeping high marks

May 05, 2019

It is a rare feat, indeed.

Historically, administrations lose their popularity luster into the second half of their terms.

The Duterte administration is a distinct exception.

It has kept its popularity ratings consistently high even as it marks the end of half of its term in office.

What does this tell us?

It simply means the people appreciate and accept his policy decisions despite the barrage of criticisms against some of his pronouncements and the personal and official conduct of his family members and certain administration officials.

In short, the Duterte administration has stayed the course in terms of its campaign pledges and promises to voters made in 2016.

The administration has achieved the highest satisfaction rating in the Social Weather Stations survey since the poll on national administrations was conducted in 1989.

In the first quarter 2019, the SWS survey done from March 28 to 31 showed that at least 81 percent of adult Filipinos say they are satisfied with the present administration, with only 9 percent dissatisfied, and 10 percent who are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

According to the survey, the administration's overall rating is six points above the very good +66 (76% satisfied, 9% dissatisfied) in December 2018, and two points above the previous record of excellent +70 in December 2017. Its "new record-high" net satisfaction rating reached +72, classified by SWS as "excellent."

In the same period during the third year of former President Benigno Aquino III, the national administration got a +53 points or "very good" rating.

In the latest survey, the Duterte administration's net satisfaction rating is highest or "excellent" in helping the poor with +72 points while it is classified with a "very good" rating on reconstructing Marawi City with +58 points and fighting terrorism with +58 points.

Out of 11 specific performance subjects rated, it attained "good" ratings on seven specific issues, such as fighting crimes at +48; reconciling with communist rebels at +45; reconciling with Muslim rebels at +44; eradicating graft and corruption at +41; defending Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea at +40; ensuring that no family will ever be hungry at +37; and +40 on foreign relations.

On the other hand, it got the "moderate" score on fighting inflation with +22 points.

The SWS attributed the rise in the present administration’s overall net satisfaction rating with the increases in all areas, rising from very good to excellent in the Visayas, up by 11 points from +63 in December 2018 to +74 in March 2019.