KFR syndicates

July 20, 2019

THE Philippine National Police (PNP), through its elite Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG), is on the right path in intensifying its nationwide campaign against kidnapping syndicates.

Aside from dismantling Kidnap-for-Ransom (KFR) gangs, the PNP-AKG, headed by Col. Jonnel C. Estomo, plays a stellar role in sending to jail captured kidnappers, including foreigners.

Through quiet work, hard-working personnel of the PNP-AKG are showing that they are capable of aiding the Department of Justice (DoJ) and KFR victims in the conviction of suspects.

A member of “Tanglaw Diwa” Class of 1992 of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), bemedalled Estomo last week replaced retired B/Gen. Glenn G. Dumlao as head of PNP-AKG.

The new PNP-AKG director is seen by many quarters, including the ordinary citizens across the country, to equal if not surpass the many accomplishments of his predecessor.

Aside from fighting KFR rings, AKG now faces a new scourge: Casino-related KFR cases wherein foreigners are forced to pay billions of pesos to their compatriots-turned-kidnappers.

When a foreigner fails to pay his huge casino debts, cohorts of these well-organized foreign gangsters abduct their heavily-indebted countryman, torturing him while under captivity.

Later, videos showing the victim being tortured in the Philippines are sent to relatives and friends in China, forcing the latter to pay     ransom ranging from P100 million to P3 billion.

We are heartened that the PNP leadership, headed by Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde, is paying attention to the nefarious activities of KFR rings operating in the Philippines.

And in the view of many, the PNP-AKG is doing a great job in neutralizing these KFR syndicates.