Kudos, PAL: Keep car doors locked at all times!!

September 29, 2018

Kudos to Philippine Airlines (PAL) for coming up with the idea of entering into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) that would benefit all military personnel from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).                                                                          

The said agreement according to PAL spokesperson, Ma. Cielo ‘Diva’ Villaluna, provides all AFP military personnel travel privileges in the form of discounted domestic economy or business class tickets.  It is  a hefty 20 percent off the base fare of a ticket and shall be inclusive of free baggage allowance.              

According to Villaluna, reservations may be made at any PAL ticket office in the Philippines or through the PAL reservations hotlines. To avail of the said discount, all that an AFP personnel has to do is present a valid AFP identification card and a travel order for rest and recreation, signed by an authorized signatory to avail of the discount.                                                                                                         

The salient provisions of the said agreement include priority during check-in and boarding and acknowledgement during the flight.                                                

The MOA was signed during ceremonies held at the PAL head office in Pasay City, where PAL Executive Vice President/ Treasurer and Chief Administrative Officer Stewart Lim said that PAL has renewed with vigor the grant of said travel benefits ‘to our country’s heroes’ as a way of providing assistance to them as they travel throughout the country.

Those who signed, on behalf of the AFP were: AFP Chief-of-Staff Gen. Carlito Galvez, Jr., Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Brig. Gen. Erickson Gloria and AFP Morale and Welfare Division Chief Lt. Col. Ma. Noel Tolentino while on the side of PAL, the signatories included Lim and  PAL SVP for Operations Ismael Augusto Gozon, among others.                                                    

Once in a while, it is good for companies as big as PAL to come up with measures aimed at acknowledging the contribution of the men and women of the AFP in bringing peace and development to the country. These are the people who risk and sacrifice their lives so that we may all sleep soundly at night.

* * *                                                        

Recently, a video of a man forcefully trying to enter at least two cars that were stuck in traffic went viral. The incident took place in Aurora Boulevard, Cubao and was caught on video by one of the motorists whose car the said man tried to open.                                                                                                     

The video was posted on social media by one Jo Soliman and was aptly captioned: “WARNING TO ALL MOTORISTS!!! Always lock your doors!!!”           

From the view on his side mirror, Soliman took a video of the man trying to open the door of the vehicle immediately behind his. Failing to open it, the man walked away and headed straight to the car of Soliman, who continued recording.    

The man first went to the front passenger side and then shifted attention to the door on the same side at the rear.  Fortunately for Soliman, his doors were locked, just like the car behind his and the subject of the first attempt.                                

When he was unsuccessful, the man walked away casually, as if he had not done anything wrong or unusual at all.                                                                       

I remember having a story where some staff members of a senator rode a cab and apparently forgot to lock their doors. When the cab got stuck in traffic along Quirino Avenue in Paco, a man suddenly opened the rear door and snatched the bag of the female passenger seated right behind the door.                                    

The staff however and probably on impulse, resisted and pulled her bag back. This apparently angered the suspect, a male, that he drew a gun and fired at the poor woman, hitting her in one of her thighs. In the end, the snatcher got what he wanted and fled the scene on foot, while the cab rushed the victim to the nearest hospital.                                                                                                         

Well, the woman lived of course and nothing had been heard of the incident since then. It was not known if the suspect ever got arrested or had even been identified at all.                                                                                                  

The lesson here is never forget to lock your doors. In my case, it’s the first thing I do before anything else as soon as I get into the car.                     

Criminal elements can take advantage of any situation. I know someone who went into her car and before starting the engine, she went looking for her cellphone in her bag.  A young boy then opened the rear door, took something and then ran away. Everything happened in just a few seconds.       

The motorist was dumbfounded and learned later on that what the boy took was her camera bag.                                              

In all said incidents, one thing is certain -- it pays to keep your car doors locked at all times.

* * *

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Jokjok (from Anna Marie Pacot of San Miguel, Bulacan) -- Si Pedro, nahuli ng titser na may kodigo sa exam -- TITSER: Hoy, Pedro!  Ano ’tong nakatagong papel sa kamay mo? Ha?/PEDRO: Ho? Eh mam, ‘prayers’ ko lang po yan/TITSER: Ganon? Eh bat may mga sagot dito?/PEDRO: Ha? Naku, ambilis! Sinagot na ang prayers ko!

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