Kudos for a ‘peaceful’ election’ and Hocus PCOS still at it?

AS the “dust” of last Monday’s midterm polls started to clear, the nation’s thanks go to all the men and women of our law enforcement agencies, the military, the police and the NBI especially, for ensuring the generally peaceful conduct of this crucial political exercise.

As such, kudos is in order to the Philippine National Police (PNP) under director general Oscar Albayalde, the Armed Forces under Gen. Benjie Madrigal and the NBI thru its director, Dante Gierran.

Ang nakita nating matapat at “matiyagang pagbabantay” ng ating mga awtoridad ang “nasa likod” ng matagumpay na halalan noong nakaraang Lunes, kaya, Mabuhay kayo, mga bosing!

Indeed, over the firm and decisive handling of our authorities of the situation before, during and after the elections, it is not surprising they were the target of complaints and discontent by our countrymen except for the Comelec but that again, is another story.

And if our law enforcement agencies are deserving of commendation the same is very much true—if not much more—of other government agencies, in particular, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), whose boss, our good friend, Secretary Ed Año, has been tireless in reminding everyone of their civic duty to abide by our election rules.

Now, had it not been for the many embarrassing instances before, during and after the elections, yours truly is also tempted to offer some nice words to the Comelec.

Unfortunately, this is something that is quite hard to do given that the same incompetence that has marked the Comelec’s performance in past elections remain as embarrassing as it has been last Monday.

And unless the Comelec gets its act together, nobody would be surprised if the accusation of its being in “partnership” with Smartmatic to rig any automated poll’s results would continue to strike a raw nerve to a lot of people.

For indeed, as I was finishing this piece, the surprising thing that has happened is that somehow, Sen. Bam Aquino of the ‘Otso Diretso’ infamy, has clinched the twelfth and last position in the 12-man Senate race, from being previously in the 14th position and “sandwiched” between half-brothers, JV Ejercito and Jinggoy Estrada.

Before today’s turn of events, it was Sen. Nancy Binay who was in the twelfth position and how Aquino managed to jump over her and Sen. JV (at number 13) with less than 5 percent of the votes to be officially counted makes one suspect that, yes Jose, it seems that the ‘Comelec – Smartmatic Syndicate’ also known as the ‘Hocus PCOS,’ are at “it” again.

Paano ba kaya maibabalik ng taumbayan ang kanilang tiwala at paniniwala sa Comelec kung palaging may ganitong mga “kababalaghan” aber?