Lazada’s reaction to fake orders lamentable

After writing about my unfortunate experience with online seller Lazada, a certain ‘Demi’ called me up supposedly to assure me that Lazada had taken action on my complaint.

I had written that on two occasions that were days apart,  Lazada delivered to my office at the Journal building, a bottle of ordinary alcohol, when I never placed any order with them and with no one confirming with me if indeed, I ordered them.

On the second occasion,  I received a text from Lazada asking if I was available to receive said order. The text was sent to  my column number (the one I have below). In my reply, I categorically said I did not order anything and asked what item it was.  I sent the said text twice and when I got no reply, I called up the number but got no answer as well. And then the fake order was delivered just the same.

Anyway, back to ‘Demi.’ She said they already blocked details about me so that the said incident won’t happen again in the future.

Just like anyone who had been victimized by a prankster, I of course, was interested in knowing who placed the fake orders, also given the fact that I have made so-called enemies, suits and threats relative to my job.

‘Demi’, to my surprise, refused to divulge the identity of the prankster and even had the temerity to point out to me that the reason why prank orders were made in my name was because I put my number in my column. WTF?!? I asked her if she had any idea how many columnists put their numbers in their columns? Does it mean that when their names are used for  fake orders, they should be blamed too? Does it also mean that I should not have put my name there so that I won’t fall victim to prank orders?

It is also pathetic to use the Data Privacy Act as the reason why I don’t deserve to know who made the fake orders under my name. It would have been acceptable if the said law is being used to protect legitimate customers. But for it to be cited so as to protect a prankster who stole the identity of someone else to place a fake order?

And as if these were not enough, I was told that I should get a subpoena if I really wanted to know who the prankster is, for Lazada to release such information. It’s like I’m becoming a victim all over again and I can’t help but feel that Lazada and the prankster are in this together instead of Lazada and I being on the same side of the fence as we were both victims here, supposedly.

The calls to me were followed up with a letter from the Customer Service Team of Lazada Philippines. It read: ‘ We are saddened to hear of your unfortunate experience with a delivery from Lazada and want to assure you that we are taking this matter seriously.

Based on the details that you had provided in your column, an internal investigation was immediately conducted to trace the source of the package. While the Philippines’ Data Privacy Law limits us from providing the details of the sender in question without a written order from the applicable government agencies, please note that the said account has been suspended indefinitely from making transactions on the platform.

We are ready to work with you should you decide to pursue this with the proper authority. Thank you for your consultation. Your current Service No. is:#CaseNo:2050000001617786#.’

If indeed Lazada is taking the matter seriously, it should institute measures to expose the prankster who may have also victimized others or to prevent him from victimizing others, instead of hiding the identity from me. Lazada is in effect aiding an identity thief by concealing the name of the fake customer who used my name, number and address in placing the fake orders.

To make the point simpler and more understandable even to gradeschoolers, here’s an analogy. Say you were held up and the holdupper got arrested. As the victim, you would of course be interested to know who the suspect is. Then, the cop who arrested the suspect would tell you he could not divulge the name to you because the suspect has rights and even tells you to get a subpoena first.

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