Lessons to be learned

September 25, 2018

Let me start with “Ompong,” the super typhoon that recently raised havoc in our country, causing numerous loss of people’s lives and destruction to property.

I would like to express my sympathies and sadness to those left behind by their beloved bread-winners who sacrificed their lives to feed their families and provide for their meager necessities in life.

Allow me to impart a lesson to everyone, most especially to the authorities that once a tropical storm or heavy monsoon rains is headed towards our islands, and an expected super typhoon at that from the Weather Bureau, let us not leave it at that. The mayors down the line must do their duty in seeing to it that their constituents are well informed.

We seem to have gotten used to just listening to the news and wait what happens next. Our government officials in all localities must also be on alert in helping the people.

For one, I am of the opinion that the mining industry must be told that all mining activities must stop work when signal no. 2 and above has been announced. The local officials must see to it that all mining activities must stop when a typhoon is coming to the area.

“Super typhoon Ompong” turned out to be a deadly one; and to think that the miners were allowed to go inside the tunnels. Had the local authorities been alert in stopping the mining activities in the area, the tragedies in Itogon, Benguet and Naga, Cebu would have not happened; and the lives of the poor, innocent people just out to make a living for their families would still be alive today.

There might be a need to put up loud sirens in all mining sites when typhoon is coming. Dapat masabihan lahat ng minero na mining activities must stop, both legal and illegal.

Matuto na sana silang lahat mag-ingat at buhay din nila ang nakataya.

There must be a strict ruling on this from hereon para huwag na maulit ang mga ganyang trahedya.

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