‘Let history repeat itself’

WHILE he is still several months more into productive and sterling service to our nation, the “selection process” appears to have started on who is deemed to be the “most qualified” to replace Philippine National Police (PNP) director general, Oscar Albayalde.

As has been reported, the “shortlist” appears to have contained only three names— NCRPO director, PMGen. Guillermo Eleazar, chief of the directorial staff (CDS), PLtGen. Camilo Cascolan and, deputy director for operations (DDO), PLtGen. Archie Gamboa.

Both Gamboa and Cascolan are “mistah” of Gen. Oca at the “Sinagtala” Class 1986 of the PMA, together with Calabarzon police director, PBGen. Edward Carranza and now erstwhile PNP chief and now senator-elect, Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa. On the other hand, Eleazar is “junior” to them by one year at the Academy as he is a member of the “Hinirang” Class of 1987.

The one good thing about the PNP that happened under PDU30 is that although “trust and confidence” is still there, “seniority” is no longer among the main considerations in choosing the next Chief PNP.

Indeed, Gen. Oca has never been considered belonging to the so-called “Davao Group,” or those individuals perceived personally attached to PDU30.

But what he lacks in political connection he more than compensated over the exemplary manner that he attended to his job as NCRPO director.

In such capacity, he made then Chief PNP Bato dela Rosa, who chose him to the post, very proud; it was under Gen. Oca that crime situation in the national capital region started to improve. Kumbaga, “hindi” siya nagkamali ng pagtalaga kay Gen. Oca sa NCRPO.

Recently, the NCRPO reported that since the advent of the Duterte administration, the crime rate has further dipped to more than 50 percent, something that has never happened in the same period under the previous dispensation.

And it is the mark of Gen. Eleazar’s character that in reporting this out, he never monopolize this unprecedented accomplishment to himself by limiting the peace and order improvement in Metro Manila during his watch— that other self-ingratiating police official will always do.

Kumbaga, “kinilala” rin ni Gen. Eleazar ang mga nagawa ni Gen. Oca na pinalitan niya sa puwesto. Kumbaga ulit, hindi siya “suwapang” sa kredito, isang katangian ng taong “mapagkumbaba” na gustong gusto mo, tama ba, DILG secretary, Ed Año?

Over the much improved peace and order situation in Metro Manila— that residents have actually seen and experienced—I agree with the observation that it contributed so much in the election sweep of PDU30’s senatorial candidates in the recently concluded midterm elections and yes, to his soaring approval rating that has elicited tears of dismay and frustration to government critics and enemies.

Now, I do not intend to devalue the qualifications of Gen. Cascolan and Gen. Gamboa, dear readers. But what most members of the press remember about Gen. Cascolan was when he was relieved last year as NCRPO chief and replaced by Gen. Eleazar, who was then the Calabarzon police director.

Prior to the reshuffle that has affected over 20 senior police positions at the time, Gen. Oca said the main consideration was “merit,” which is another way of saying that the NCRPO— a post very close to his heart— needs a police official who can actually perform and deliver on the people’s high expectations.

When Gen. Oca became Chief PNP, he made a history of sort in the annals of the Philippine National Police.

Insofar as I know, it was the first time that an NCRPO director gets to be promoted to the highest position in the PNP.

And guess what, dear readers, the next thing that most people are eagerly waiting to happen is for history to repeat itself.

Bring it on, Sec. Ed and Pres. Duterte, hehe!