Let’s donate toys for the NPDC kids

September 25, 2018

National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) Chief Penelope Belmonte jumped the gun on everyone else when this early, she had already appealed to kind-hearted individuals for toy donations.

Belmonte’s call for donations of toys, whether new or used, was for the sake of the wards of the NPDC’s ‘We Care, Day Care’ (WCDC) center, which she  created months ago to provide various forms of assistance to indigent kids and streetchildren, apart from ‘day care’ education.

She is fervenly calling on those who have more in life to share their blessings.

“Instead of throwing away old toys, donate them. They will go a long way to make less-privileged children happy,” Belmonte said.

Those who want to donate may give the toys directly to the children concerned. Even used clothes and vitamins, she said, are welcome assistance to the efforts already being exerted by the men and women of the NPDC in order to give the children in its care a semblance of a normal life.

For some time now and without any funfare, Belmonte’s WCDC center had been conducting activities to help indigent or homeless children with their basic needs such as proper food, clothing and medical care, among others.

These children are also provided with education and taught proper hygiene, so as to keep them away from illnesses that are brought about by poor hygiene.

A covered portion of the NPDC is also turned into temporary shelter for the homeless when strong rains come. Believe it or not, Belmonte and her closest staff would visit the said shelter in the wee hours of the morning to check on the condition of those staying there.

She would also bring food and drinks, including coffee for the adults, so that when they get hungry in the middle of the night or as soon as they wake up, they will have something to munch on, specially the children. Why, even babies are provided with milk.

In that shelter, mothers and their kids are given an area separate from the men, so as to give them privacy specially when they have to breastfeed.

The comfort rooms for men and women are also separate, even as a utility person is around to maintain cleanliness.

I also learned just recently that for quite sometime now, Belmonte has designated every Friday of the week as ‘Children’s Day’ not only for herself but the entire NPDC family as well.

On Fridays, according to her staff, Belmonte would personally gather the indigent kids loitering in the park and those living in NPDC vicinity. She would then tour them around the park and then ultimately bring them to the children’s park where they would play to their hearts’ delight until they get tired or hungry.

Once they have played enough or have given up, Belmonte herself would bring them to a place where they would eat altogether and share stories. At times, her own children would even join them.

According to Belmonte, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a smile on the faces of these poor, innocent children. Laughter is a bonus, she says.

All of these good deeds are being done without any publicity. This goes to show that the help being extended to these needy people are genuinely sincere and not just for show.

Well, I guess Belmonte, this early, is also already preparing for a Christmas treat for the growing number of less fortunate children under the care of her WCDC center.

This is what happens when government officials think ahead and truly care for those who are less-privileged in life. May the likes of Belmonte in government service increase tenfold!!!


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