‘Let’s fight as one’

April 03, 2020

“WE are Filipinos. Let us show each and everyone and the rest of the world who we are, what we are made of. Together, we will fight as one and together, we will heal as one.”

Thus, said Lt/Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar, Deputy Chief for Operations and the Philippine National Police (PNP) and commander of the Joint Task Force Corona Virus Shield (JTFCVS).

As one of the world’s most celebrated and much-sought after workers, notably doctors, nurses, midwives and other health professionals, Filipinos have shown the mold they are made of.

Like our brave descendants who fought against foreign conquerors and colonial masters, today’s Filipinos are known to be capable of working in unison even during national emergencies.

But while the authorities are battling the dreaded coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the people ought to be shocked into realization that they play a crucial role in halting the spread of the virus.

What the people should do now is to remain in their homes and observe patience while waiting for the distribution of cash assistance and relief goods, like rice and canned goods, said Eleazar.

As decreed by President Duterte, the police and the military should now assist the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in distributing the cash assistance to qualified families.

The beneficiaries are families adversely affected by the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), which is aimed at preventing the spread of the deadly virus from China.

Instead of tapping the services of local and village officials, Duterte ordered the PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to help the DSWD in the distribution of the cash assistance.

The tough-talking Chief Executive entrusted the gigantic undertaking to the DSWD, the PNP and the AFP to ensure the smooth and speedy distribution of the assistance to the beneficiaries.

Note that the DSWD is headed by Secretary Rolando Bautista, a retired Ilocano military general.