Let’s hope the Emilio Aguinaldo College assessment is accurate

ARE reports that the Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) supposedly tilted on its side during the earthquake that hit the country Monday another case of fake news?

I’ve talked to some engineering authorities in Manila and was told that long before the quake, the said college had been a little tilted to its side already.

Before becoming EAC, the said school building, located along San Marcelino Street in Ermita, Manila, used to be the Marian School of Midwifery. It was built in 1957.

The building right beside it, where the EAC reportedly leans and which now houses condominium units, was built in April 1997. Well-placed sources said the structure was  built  correctly and went straight up, so that it now appears that the EAC is leaning on its side when actually, it had been like that for the longest time. Before that, what stood beside the EAC was just a low-rise building so that the leaning position of the EAC was not easily noticeable.

The EAC, still according to my sources, then put a ‘paraphet wall made up of fiberglass and which was connected to the concrete canopy.’ This wall got damaged during the earthquake, thus making the building appear tilted on its side.

They said though that based on examination,  minor masonry cracks on the building owned by both the EAC and the adjacent one  (UN Residences) owned by Philtrust are ‘safe.’

Structural engineers,  from both private and local government,  have also said that based on an initial assessment of the EAC building,  ‘there is no imminent danger and repairs can be completed soon.’ They also said there is actually no cause for alarm since the building’s structure remains intact.

I was also told that this assessment is based on findings that there were no cracks seen in the flooring, the elevators are working properly, the windows did not sustain dents and the columns were not damaged.

According to them,  should there be any damage to the structural integrity of the said buildings, cracks would have been seen from the immediate street vicinity where their foundations lie.

The EAC, which reportedly has a student population of at least 6,000, also has sports facilities such as a basketball court, gymnastics area, a running track, swimming pool and tennis court.  It also has an in-campus student dormitory for foreign students.

In the case of the UN Residences, I do not know for sure how many occupants it has but given that it is a high-rise building, it is safe to assume that the number of residents there would number at least a hundred.

The safety of those using the said two buildings must be of paramount concern, not to mention the hazards that could be posed to innocent passersby and motorists, should the  initial assessment of structural authorities be proven erroneous.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the structural engineers who say that the buildings remain safe are truly correct and a hundred percent accurate in saying so because otherwise, we would be looking at a tragedy far worse than what happened at the Chuzon Supermarket in Porac, Pampanga.

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Jokjok (from Guiller Yllana of Quezon City) -- Minsan isang batang lalaki ang nakatingin sa labas ng Simbahan -- PARI: Iho, bakit di ka pumasok sa loob?Halika/BOY: Kasi po, baka mawala itong bike ko pag iniwan ko/PARI: ‘Wag kang mag-alala, mismong ang Espiritu Santo ang magbabantay ng bike mo/BOY: Talaga po? Sige/ (Sabay silang pumasok sa Simbahan) PARI: Marunong ka bang magdasal iho?/BOY: Opo. Sa Ngalan ng Ama at ng Anak, Amen./PARI: Teka, iho. Nasaan ang Espiritu Santo?/BOY: Di po ba nasa labas? Binabantayan ‘yung bike ko??

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