A magnet for traders

November 20, 2018

THE nation’s  biggest association of traders, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), has acknowledged Malabon City as a business-friendly local government.

The commendation was recently rendered to the city during the 44th Philippine Business Conference held at the Manila Hotel by the PCCI under the theme “LGU’s Role in Building Competitiveness.”

Commended by the most influential business group was the leadership of Mayor Antolin ‘Lenlen’ Oreta lll  because of his efforts to create an environment conducive to business growth.

Criteria set for the said award included fast-tracking sustainable local economic development,  improvement of ease of doing business, investment promotion initiatives and initiatives to enhance industry/sectoral competitiveness.

Oreta has been relentless in collaborating with the local business sector, particularly PCCI’s  local counterpart the Malabon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and the Malabon Business Association, Inc. (MBAI), to make the city a hub of business innovations.

The award serves as a  testament to Malabon’s good governance initiatives that promote trade and investments and significantly contribute to economic developments in the country as a highly urbanized locality.

Registered business establishments in Malabon increased from 6,131 to 6,291 this year, owing to the city government’s campaign on peace and order, infrastructure development, tourism and others, which all supports conducive business proliferation.

“More than anything else, this award challenges us to do better for the continuing progress and growth of our city, every Malabonian can experience and be proud of,” Oreta said.
Quit or try.

A doctor from Indonesia has suggested an interesting way to stop smoking. Instead of threatening smokers of dying if they don’t quit smoking, Indonesian Dr. Drg. Amaliya suggested smokers should be encouraged to try an alternative to tobacco smoking.

“The ‘quit or die’ approach in Indonesia does not work for some smokers. Therefore, it is time to consider the ‘quit or try’ approach,” Amaliya said during the 2nd Harm Reduction Forum held at Dusit Hotel recently.

‘Try’ means testing alternative nicotine products such as heated tobacco products, snus and ecigs.

Amaliya noted that smoking prevalence is declining at record speed in countries such as the UK and Japan where alternative nicotine products are widely available.

Because of innovation and technology development, the doctor said alternative nicotine products are available to provide a satisfying and less harmful option for smokers to get their nicotine fix without the harmful tar.

In the Philippines, smoking remains a major public health issue despite strict government regulation, high taxes, and extensive public awareness campaign. Many, including our policy makers,  are also not well informed about options in smoking.

“We need to actively inform policymakers about tobacco harm reduction and the potential benefit of alternative nicotine products to public health,” she said during the forum.

The forum aimed to educate society on harm reduction through better alternative products, and to promote and advocate for practical solutions that can contribute to the improvement of overall public health.

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