Marcos wants foreign observers pretected

During elections, foreign observers and journalists come to the country to monitor the polls for various interests.

Ilocos Norte Governor, now senatorial candidate Imee Marcos, has warned that foreign poll observers are facing security risks as they dispense their duty watching the incoming midterm elections on May 13.

According to Marcos, it is Comelec’s prime responsibility to ensure the safety and security of these foreign observers who are expected to troop to the country in the runup to the elections.

Her suggestion for the Comelec to closely coordinate with the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to tighten security for these foreign poll observers is warranted, even as she expressed concern that these foreigners can be easy targets of terror groups such as Abu Sayyaf wanting to discredit the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Under the leadership of Comelec Chairman Sheriff Abas, Marcos explains that giving proper orientation to these foreign poll obervers is crucial for them to understand the parameters of the work and limitations particularly in terms of their security.

She said that if they are properly informed of their duties and responsibilities as foreign poll observers,  they will be shielded from harm’s way.

Marcos added that terror groups such as Abu Sayyaf are just waiting for the most opportune time in this election season to raise funds by carrying out kidnapping for ransom of foreigners with the end in view of discrediting the Duterte government.

‘These international election watchers need to be extra careful because they are easy targets of terror groups specially now that the elections are nearing. This will be a big blow to President Duterte if one of them is imperiled’, Marcos underscored.

Under Resolution 9652, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) stated that any foreigner or foreign group, organization, committee or association, representing government or private interests, who may want to observe the elections, must file an application for accreditation with the agency’s Education and Information Department.  As such, the Comelec has even come out with guidelines for the purpose.

Duly-accredited foreign observers can conduct interview with or attend briefings of candidates and political parties before election day.  They may also interview members of the Board of Election Inspectors and voters, document proceedings on election day and observe counting and transmission of ballots and transport of the precinct count optical scan machines after the election.

Accreditation though, comes with responsibilities.  For one, in choosing respondents for interviews, the foreign observers must endeavor to apply objective criteria in order to ensure fairness and balance in their observations and conclusions, ensure that all observers and monitors explicitly state -- in all their statements to the media on election day -- that their observations and monitoring activities, and that the same are not necessarily indicative of conditions throughout the country. Violators of these provisions face one to six years imprisonment and deportation after the prison term has been served. 

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MIAA’S PAO LAUDED -- Special greetings to People’s Tonight avid  reader Geonelle Santos and her colleagues namely , Joevie Jubilo, Albert Broas, Aaron Ronquillo, KC Solis and Rudiel Santos.

They are the courteous and very efficient staff of the Manila International Airport Authority’s public affairs office (PAO) assigned at the NAIA Terminal 3, just like NAIA 1 mid-flight supervisor Henry Mangampat and PAO chief Ma. Consuelo Bungag who are known for setting  good examples for their subordinates to emulate.

These airport personnel do a good job working at the MIAA’s frontlines by assisting VIPs, including foreign ones, so that however they deal with these foreigners will certainly create a lasting impression of Filipino hospitality.

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Beauty tip -- For more severe dandruff, you should use shampoos containing anti-yeast medications like selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, climbazole etc. These should be used on alternate days in the first week, twice a week two to four weeks and then once weekly thereafter.(Source: Dr. Rosary May Canay-Diaz of Californian Bloom Aesthetic Institute and Medical Spa /4108424/4669596/09178038240/ 025053987).

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Jokjok (from Emma Libiran of Marikina City) --  TEACHER: Class, what is ethics? Yes, Pedro! You were raising your hand? /PEDRO: Yes ma’m! ‘Ethics’ are animals that are from the duck family but they are smaller than ducks Hehehh/TEACHER: Ganun ba? Okey, guess what? Those ducks will lay eggs and you will find those eggs when you get your report  card! Sit down! Hehehhh.

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