Marcos wants poll watchdog with automation expertise

February 01, 2019

With elections  just around the corner,  we are yet to see the conclusive result of the electoral protest filed by former Senator Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Time really flies. It’s been almost three years since the last polls and the said case is still being heard at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Surely, this is not the only case that pends resolution as of this writing.  All because of allegations of fraud and vote-rigging in many areas during the last automated elections.

No offense meant to existing election monitoring volunteers but I definitely go with the call recently made by Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos for the creation of a new poll watchdog which is equipped with sufficient technical knowledge when it comes to  automated election.

In a television interview, I saw Imee, who is currently running for senator, calling for the creation of a new independent poll watchdog whose members have proven technical expertise in the use of automated election system.

We all know of course, that his brother  Bongbong is questioning the victory of Robredo in the 2016 elections, which he claimed were rigged to favor her.             

In that interview,  Imee said that in order to ensure clean and honest 2019 midterm elections, there  must be  technical experts in every polling precinct.  This, she said, would help guarantee the integrity of the election and avoid a repeat of vote rigging and fraud that marred the 2016 automated polls.

According to her, the new election watchdog should not only be keen on guarding forms of electoral fraud that we are all aware of even before we shifted to automated elections, but it must also have the technical expertise so we can be assured that the upcoming elections are free and fair.

Apparently, Imee also wants to make sure that her votes are counted right, apparently aware that some quarters are out to sabotage her chances of winning although current surveys already assure her of a seat in the Senate.  She is running for senator under the Nacionalista Party.

Alongside the appeal, she is also urging the Commission on Elections to accredit a new election watchdog that is non-partisan and has technical knowledge about automated elections.

She pointed out that having technical experts as watchdogs is an added guarantee that the votes are counted correctly and included in the election tally at the polling precint level.

Imee further explained that technical experts of the new election watchdog can easily determine and point out anomalies in the use of counting machines, and right then and there the concerned parties can act accordingly and have the issue settled even while at the precinct level.

Well, the more watchdogs we have, the better since more eyes will be on the election proceedings and more will be guarding against those planning on cheating.

* * *

MONSOUR BELIEVES IN WISDOM OF MAKATI CITIZENS -- He has been called many names by his former partymates but former taekwondo champion turned actor, turned politician Monsour del Rosario says that he does not intend to engage in mudslinging and black propaganda and will instead leave his political fate in the hands of the people of Makati.

Del Rosario said he believes in the wisdom and fairnss of the citizens of Makati  to judge whether or not he did his job as first district congressman and if he had served his constituents well.

He also clarifies that he did not leave the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) for the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) as he was in fact, removed after he was perceived to be not toeing the line. For him though, it’s alright and would prefer to keep his principles intact.

Just recently, he was endorsed by no less than controversial action star Robin Padilla, who has expressed belief in Del Rosario’s integrity and competence to become Makati City’s next vice mayor.

* * *

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