Martial Law extension

December 07, 2018

Allow me to ask some questions why there are those who oppose the Martial Law extension in Mindanao.  We all know that the State has the duty and obligation to keep the country and its people safe.  But how come, the majority of those opposing are Manila-based; and from other provinces other than Mindanao?

What we want to know is how do the people of Mindanao feel about Martial Law in their province.  Do they feel safe than before?  For what I gather, Mindanao is a lot more peaceful under Martial Law than before when they were left to fend for themselves.  They feared terrorism.

As far as I am concerned, only the Mindanaoans can express their preference for they are the ones who could be directly affected as to what had happened in Marawi.  Had it not been for the determination of the leadership of President Duterte who was quick to respond to the situation though he was on a state visit to Russia, he cut short his trip and returned back home.  Marawi and the rest of Mindanao would have been lost to the enemies (which could have very well happened) had President Duterte not acted with dispatch.  That was a master stroke or Mindanao might have not withstood the consequences.  It’s different when you nip it from the bud, so to speak, for timing is of the essence.

There are those who say that the rebuilding or reconstruction of Marawi is taking time.  Not for anything, baka masayang lang hanggang the entire Mindanao is safe and under control.  That is why the extension of Martial Law in the area must first be approved immediately to ensure that no intrusion will recur while the City of Marawi is being reconstructed.  Not until the entire Mindanao is under control and peaceful, Martial Law must continue.  Kawawa naman ang ating mga kapatid sa Marawi.  They have suffered too much.  Never again should it happen.  

Had the war succeeded in Marawi by the enemies of the State, that could have spread like wildfire to the rest of Mindanao.

Secretary Delfin Lorenzana of the Department of National Defense should be listened to. Together with the armed forces under his leadership should know the real situation on the ground more than we do – put together.

I wish to express my opinion that those who belong to other provinces or regions should mind their own areas.  They were elected Congressmen of their own province, then mind your own business.  How can they claim to know more about the situation in Mindanao when they are not from there.  Alagaan ninyo ang sarili ninyong bakuran, ika nga.

You, opposition Congressmen, are barking at the wrong tree!

* * *

So many feedbacks have been sent regarding the so-called abduction of minors from Mindanao without parental consent.  Different perspective are seen about said abduction of minors.  There are those who say that it’s a grave violation of our law.  There are those who say that those minors were going to be used for some untoward missions yet unknown.  In short, any form of kidnapping have grave consequences against our existing laws.  Some say why those minors were abducted like a thief in the night.  Why not daw at daytime for all to see.  Very suspicious and smacks of illegality.  Some people say that’s another good reason to extend Martial Law in Mindanao because the authorities are able to detect what goes on.  Others say that these kinds of activities have been going on before Martial Law in Mindanao was imposed without detection.  Now with Mindanaoans under Martial Law, the people are able to live a more normal life which they never had before.

Our Representatives who speak out against the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao are not fit to give their opinions.  Our people in Mindanao know much better what is good for them.  

As a columnist, I get a lot of feedback giving their reactions and sentiments; and I must say, they all want peace.  They all want drugs to be ended.  They want corruption to be eradicated for that’s what made our people poor and miserable.

I feel most of us will agree that it is better to be cautious than to be sorry.  There is true and present danger, not only here, but all over the world today.

Think about it and make a choice: It’s either peace or war.   

If a Freedom Constitution as Cory Aquino declared can remedy and put a stop to these unfair practices, I am for it, Martial Law included.  

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