Media ‘frontliners’

April 06, 2020

LIKE the other “frontliners,” print and broadcast journalists play a crucial role in addressing the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has effectively housebound millions of people across the globe.

The other “frontliners” in the all-out war against the dreaded coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) include the country’s health workers, cops, soldiers, firefighters and town/barangay authorities.

And it is heartening to note that our journalists have remained steadfast and resolute in attaining their mission: Informing the public on the latest developments about COVID-19.

Everyday, these gifted and hard-working men and women – field reporters, cameramen and photographers - face the risk of exposing themselves to the unseen but dreaded coronavirus.

“Just like the doctors and nurses on the frontlines of this global pandemic, these dedicated members of the media…are working round-the-clock to bring vital information about COVID-19,” said House Deputy Leader and Bagong Henerasyon party-list Rep. Bernadette Herrera.

In paying tribute to the members of the Fourth Estate, the highly-articulate Herrera said the role of media in spreading reliable news and information during trying times cannot be overstated.

In the last 17th Congress, the lady lawmaker chaired the influential House of Representatives’ committee on public information.

Journalists across the globe have fallen prey to COVID-19. In the Philippines, a radio station suspended its regular programming after some of its employees were tagged as “persons under investigation.”

Undoubtedly, national and local journalists deserve the support of the Filipino people, including the ordinary citizens, as they chronicle and interpret our struggles even during trying times.

We salute journalists who, like the millions of overseas Filipino workers, are among our treasures.