MIAA’s ISO complements Boracay; Lapeña raises alarm

October 27, 2018

That Boracay Island has reopened expectedly as even a better tourist destination than it already was before, is such a welcome development that is highly complemented by the status of the country’s premier airports.

For sure, tourists will be flocking to the country even just out of curiosity via the main gateway -- the NAIA terminals.

Luckily for us,  the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) which supervises operations at the NAIA terminals under its general manager Ed Monreal achieved another milestone today as it obtained its ISO certification under ISO 2001:2015 standards.  

The certificate was awarded by MIAA’s current certifying body, International Standards Certification (ISC) Global, one of the pillars in developing ISO standards and is now one of the fastest growing certification body in the industry.

The MIAA  has sustained the spirit of ISO 9001 by complying with the standards and requirements and thus achieving a successful  transition to the 2015 version. MIAA began its certification journey in 2008 when it first obtained its ISO certification  under ISO 9001:2008 standards.

ISO 9001:2008 is focused on meeting customer expectations and achieving customer satisfaction. In simple terms, it is customer-focused.

Under this standard, an organization should ensure continuous improvement in its products and services to meet customer requirements.

Internally, the organization will be benefitted from increased job satisfaction, improved morale,  and improved operational results.

On the other hand, risk-based thinking is the focus of ISO 9001:2015 standards. Besides meeting customer expectations, organizations are now encouraged to use risk analysis in order to address challenges in their business processes.  

The concept of risk is paramount in the seven quality management principles of ISO 9001:2015 namely customer focus; leadership; engagement of people; process approach; improvement; evidence-based decision making and relationship management.

Monreal received the ISO 9001:2015 certification in behalf of the MIAA and in doing so, thanked all the men and women working together at the NAIA for doing their share in helping the authority achieve such certification.

* * *                                                            

The recent pronouncements of former Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña that illegal drugs cannot be totally eliminated –he said it in the vernacular- is disturbing.

Lapeña said this in the wake of his sudden transfer to TESDA and the naming of Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) administrator Rey Leonardo Guerrero as his replacement by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte.

Although the position of TESDA head is indeed a promotion as it is a cabinet post, it cannot be denied that this development leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, as far as Lapeña is concerned, having come at the height of a ‘very revealing’ Senate inquiry and amid confirmation that indeed, at least 1,600 kilos of shabu worth 11 billion pesos concealed in four magnetic lifters might really have slipped through the Bureau of Customs in July. It is also noteworthy that Lapeña even told the media that he did not plan to resign.

Without mincing words, Lapeña told an interview -- I think it was with the CNN and during the turnover of his post to Guerrero- that the illegal drug problem cannot be licked ‘a hundred percent.’

Whether he said this out of exasperation, to redeem himself or just a matter of factly, it is indeed a serious cause for concern.  It’s like saying the country is doomed. Oh my God!

* * *

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