Miracles do happen

October 15, 2018

Pope Francis has promoted to sainthood Archbishop Oscar Romero from El Salvador and Pope Pius VI.

It is now time to ask favors from the two newly declared saints for they are easy to ask miracles from.  Ang mga bagong santo ay madaling magbigay ng milagro, an affirmation of their closeness to God.

We are also celebrating La Naval de Manila commemorating the 1646 naval victories of the Spanish fleet against the Dutch forces in its invasion of Manila.  Our Lady of La Naval is very miraculous whose original image is housed in the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City.

We must have faith in our saints for they are our intercessor to God for whatever we ask God to grant us.  Miracles do happen; and we must believe that they do happen in many strange ways that we may not even know about.

On my part, I never fail to invoke God’s help through the Blessed Mother and all the saints and angels in heaven.


Now that we are entering critical times because of the forthcoming elections next May 13, 2019, let me quote some words of wisdom from some columnists with advices and wisdom to share in these critical times.

Let’s start with Ninez Cacho-Olivares: “In any notarized document, the notary public always insists on having his copy of the document for his own files and reference.”

This is a wise advice for other copies may be manipulated, or added on, not quite the same as what the original copy held by the notary public, as I have experienced.  Documents are tampered and even falsified.

What we have to be careful of is the fact that some notary public are under the control of its client/s.

There is a need for notary public to have integrity.


In the editorial of the “Daily Tribune,” I quote: “The country even garnered 52 votes  more than the 113 votes it got when it ran for election in 2015 that was still under the terms of Noynoy.”

The critics of President Duterte, they have to know that the Philippines received an 86 percent vote or 165 out of 192 members in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to retain its membership in the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).”

In other words, sa panahon ni President Aquino, 113 lang ng boto ang nakuha while now with President Duterte 165 votes.

Despite “the rigorous effort against the Philippines was also led by rights groups which are trying to capitalize on Rody to raise funds.”  Wrong opportunism for it redounds to the suffering of the citizenry as a whole.


From Dean Nilo Divina, I quote: “If you are one of those who have decided to contribute to the well-being of this nation by becoming a public servant, be sure first that you are qualified.”  Dean Nilo was not yet Dean when he was my PCSO General Manager when I was PCSO Chairman in 1994.  We worked together.

“The candidate must make sure that he has not been found liable for an offense.”  But Dean Nilo, there are now so many cases that fall more on harassment and not true at all.  Many “cases” are made up just to damage the honor of another person.


On the part of Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go, I quote: “The Filipino people need to be more aware of the existence of extreme poverty and what the government is doing to lessen, if not eradicate the problem.”  He goes farther to say: “The LP and some critics are baffled as to why Tatay Digong continues to enjoy popular support.”


These are the thoughts we have to ponder about in the coming elections.  Parties, candidates, supporters must be upright, for a change, and focus only for the well-being of the nation, the people; and for a change, forget about themselves, power and fortune.

All that will come to pass.

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